Ebay Nightmare: Has This Happen To U?

  1. ok, want to start out saying: I AM SO MAD:cursing:

    I bought *jennifer* bag off ebay last night, and after completing transaction was told I had a "SENDING" issue.

    Since I paid with credit card (shouldn't have done that, my bad/Jen asked for debit, etc) she refunded and asked me to resend.

    EBAY says that I have "sent" too much, I HAVE THE MONEY, BUT CAN'T SEND BECAUSE I HAVE SENT TOO MUCH!!!

    I tried debit, credit, etc. Had to resend info, called, given wrong instruction first time on how to fix, now waiting on red tape.

    (Will send cash check in am)

    has this happened to you!!!!!!
  2. Whats your PayPal limit? If you have a regular PayPal account you have limits on what you can send. If its a Premier account its unlimited. Mine is a Premier because I had no choice cause I have to have it in order to get CC payments (its their way of collecting payPal fees from you)....that just means : girl you've been spending too much damn money!
  3. Did you use PayPal?
  4. yupp.. if you dont have a premiere paypal account, then you have a $500 limit!!!

    it sucks!!! but yeah, upgrade it to premiere. its the only way to have big transaction!
  5. They make sure to rope you into a premiere membership don't they? ay yi yi