ebay news

  1. "EBay Battling to Secure Customers"
    Sydney MX (09/05/06)
    The eBay Internet auction site is hoping to staunch customer leakage via a new online campaign in which additional security messages will be featured on the site, including advisories not to use Western Union or MoneyGram instant cash transfers as a method for online payment. A poll of 1,600 Internet shoppers showed that 67 percent were concerned about the exposure of their financial details online. More than three-quarters of Australians think the security of online shopping has improved in the past 18 months, but 55 percent still desire more information about online shopping fraud. Merchants who run Internet retail businesses through eBay are leaving the site because they do not want to pay higher fees.
  2. I'd rather eBay make selling counterfeit items more difficult, and police scammers more effectively. I know I'd be spending a lot more money on eBay if I could trust the sellers.
  3. Please don't shoot the messenger.

    Personally I would never use Western Union or Money Gram to pay for anything. But people do all the time.

    As far as fakes and bad sellers, that is a topic for another thread. Selling sites like ebay warn "caveat emptor." People must be vigilant as buyers. Do their homework. Even then there will always be bad sellers.

    Ebay is a different market place then it was in the beginning. People find ways and loops holes to scam people all the time. What is sad it used to not be like that.

    I have a love/hate relationship with ebay. I have not sold there in 6 years, and buy much less then I used to.

    Frankly, IMHO announcements like this are just a band aid. Ebay did not cause the problem, criminals have.