ebay newbie

  1. i just recently posted a purse on eBay and i already changed the price once and i want to change it again because i found someone to buy it so i said i would change the price & add a BIN... the problem is... i cant find BIN or i cant change the price because im not verified through paypal... so i signed up to get verified gave my bank info and stuff and now i have to wait to see what amts they deposited into my acct... is this normal? is everyone verified?? TIA
  2. Hi! Yes - when I verified they deposited 2 amounts into my account, which I had to then input into paypal - took around 4 days as I recall. Also, before I had a feedback of 10, I couldn't add a buy it now to my auctions - I either had to have a feedback of 10, or pay $5 for some sort of background check.

    If this is the case for you too, I would advise the person to just bid - you may find that if your Purse is sought after, it will go above the BIN amount anyway.
  3. Yes, to be verified through Paypal, it takes 2 or 3 days and they deposit those odd amounts into your bank account that you need to enter. It really will be in your best interest to be verified by Paypal , though. Maybe you can contact buyer and explain that your item won't be listed as BIN for 2 or 3 days due to a waiting period by Paypal? Good Luck!
  4. Yep, That's how it works. I would just send a note explaining this to the buyer. Hopefully it will go higher.
  5. ok good i just wanted to make sure this wasnt some scam thanks!
  6. or, you can cancel the auction, and put up another on just for this customer with a buy it now if they don't want to wait!
  7. Paypal does have instant verification by signing up for their credit card or by submitting you banking info to them. Both take only a few minutes but require a lot more information about you. Thought I would mention it...
  8. i tried to do instant verification but i have to wait till i see the amt posted in my acct and my bank is super slow at updating my bank acct online. i tried to relist but i can't because i'm not verified... grr i hate eBay