ebay newbie

  1. I want to sell some items on ebay, lightly used handbags, brand new clothes, and some other stuff. Being new to ebay I need some tips on haow to start selling. I would appreciate any help or advice. or if you know of anyone who will do the selling for you, let me know. thank you all in advance.
  2. My advice would be to buy some small items first so that you get some feedback. Buyers like to see feedback from someone when they are buying something. Good Luck
  3. hmm. when i first started wayyyyy back. i had to be very descriptive (still am) show tons of pics. and also make sure that the buyer knew, they can return it if i've decieved them or sold them a fake (never would!).

    the idea is to make the transaction as easy as possible, not at all a hassle, and also to make sure that the buyer would be confident enough to buy it online.

    either a) because it's so cheap

    or b) because you gave so much detail, pics and stuff they're absolutely sure it's what they want.