Ebay newbie: paypal?

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  1. Hi I'm new to Ebay-and decided to put my Miu Miu bag for sale.
    I have a question regarding Paypal-I put up that money order is preferred. Am I required to do Paypal? -I looked into it and it said that it'll deposit money to the bank account which will take another 3-5 days?
    And when I end up selling something using paypal-how long does it take for the buyer to send the money?

    Sorry for all the q's, I just am cautious about selling for the first time on Ebay.

  2. Before you list anything, you should check out the selling tutorial at fBay. There's also info in the Help pages under Selling & Fees. I believe payment methods are discussed, but you can do a search for "payment methods" and it will take you to that page.

    fBay no longer allows MOs, and no smart buyer would pay for an expensive designer bag with an MO, as it offers no protection for the buyer and too many people have been scammed with MOs. Unless you're selling a car or some other item that falls into one of the categories for which other payment methods are accepted, you pretty much have to use PayFoe to sell on fBay. PayFoe has its own rules, so make sure to go over the instructions there. Good luck!