Ebay Newbie ~ Need Some Advise


Aug 30, 2007
Well TPF'ers, I finally listed an item on ebay earlier this week. I took the plunge after much debate along with lengthy research (I've been stocking this forum for quite some time). Anyway, I listed an item earlier this week and within minutes of it being posted I received an email from a potential buyer asking if I would be willing to accept check or money order.

I responded to the buyer and explained that I would only accept Paypal (as stated in the auction). After posting my response, this buyer emails me back and asks if he / she BIN would I be willing to accept payment on the 16th of this month (a whole week after the listing ends). I politely respond "no". Literally within a few minutes of responding to this email the item sells (via BIN).

So, I look to see if the buyer is the same person who kept asking me all these questions. I don't see a connection between the two, so I send the buyer a payment invoice via paypal. This was on Monday morning and I patiently wait for payment. The buyer doesn't communicate with me at all. Well, this morning I receive an email from the buyer explaining that she's been out of town "unexpectedly due to work" and she will not be returning until late Friday and if I'm willing to wait for payment until then. The buyer also explains that she's in a hotel and she does not feel comfortable connecting to her paypal account from an "unknown wi fi".

I'm a bit leery, so I look into the buyers ebay account and find that she's been selling and listing items since she's been away "at work". So why can't she pay me? I don't want to end up with a horror story on TPF so what should I do, should I accept her explanation and accept the payment on late Friday / Saturday? I realize that things happen but I have this gut feeling that something’s fishy. Help!!!


Labrador Lover
Oct 4, 2006
Friday is tomorrow. Wait until tomorrow evening and if yuour 4 days are up file an unpaid item dispute.


Jan 31, 2010
Definitely file a dispute tomorrow, the buyer still will have 4 more days to pay and if they do, great and if not the sooner you can relist the item. I would suggest if you relist to do so with immediate payment required.