eBay newbie: Do people wait til the final day to bid?

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  1. I'm selling something on ebay right now. There haven't been any bids, but I have 5 "watchers". Should I be worried that there are no bids, you think?
    I'm a total eBay novice :amuse: ...
  2. In my opinion the smartest move for bidders is to do it at the last minute to get the best price as possible! It will go great!
  3. I snipe dang near everything, which means my bid isn't entered until about the last 7 seconds. Most seasoned eBayers don't bid right away I find.
  4. Oh! Thank you for the advice guys... I was getting worried.
  5. I agree, I always wait until the last second to bid.
  6. me too, bidding early just drives up the price.
  7. Ya, I always wait until the last 10 sec to submit my bid so I'll be the winner. lol
  8. Same here. Don't sweat it. Five watchers probably means at least two or three will bid.
  9. Thanks for the advice guys!

    This is my very first auction ever :amuse: .

    There's 7 "watchers" now. I kinda wish someone would bid :P ... So do people really wait til the last day, or actually like the last hour (or the last 5 minutes?)
  10. indeed they do. don't expect much activity until then.
  11. I never understood why sometimes there are like 27 bidders and there's still 2 days left. I usually bid in the last minute also, do these people really want to pay as high a price as possible. *shrugs*
  12. I did a little bit of research before I started, and I noticed that too. *Me confused*.
  13. Yeah I dunno, its great on the sellers end obviously, and I hope for your sake it does go up. But I'm always on the buying end, and I like deals. lol
  14. Both and everything in between! Some people don't know about snipers and they bid within the last 24 hours and less. . .
    I can be a little OCD, when I'm selling on eBay it kills me! I watch my auctions like a hawk! LOL!

    But alas, as a buyer I wait until the last 10 seconds or less!
    Gotta get the best deal I can!

    What are ya selling?
  15. I bid in the last minute because if I bid now, someone might try to overbid my bid. Holding out for me usually means I mgiht get it at a cheaper price (if I win).