Ebay new buyer with no feedback just bought and paid - advice please !

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  1. Hi community..

    I have sold designer items on ebay before with successful transactions and happy buyers.

    However I've just came across a buyer who's account was created on Aug 11, based in Australia, and offered a price for my Chanel bag, I countered and he accepted, and he asked it to be express shipped asap for his anniversary on the 20th.

    I told him for sure as long as the payment was cleared I will proceed to ship it asap. So the next morning on the 16th he paid. Currently paypal's status is 'reviewing' his funds taking up to 24 hours. His paypal account is unverified.

    I have heard of scams with no feedback buyers and such. It's my first encounter and I have no experience.

    Could you ladies please advise me on the risks, and what pre-cautions or suggested steps I should take?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Very risky. PayPal will clarify whether the account is fake or stolen. If it is, make sure you ship, take photos, video, and insure the shipment. Express is best as well since you can track it exactly.
  3. You mean if it is fake or stolen then PayPal will automatically cancel the transaction. However if PayPal gives the ok to ship. I should video and take photos of the packaging with shipment label clearly addressed to the buyer and his address?

    His PayPal account is not verified as well. However as long as I have sufficient proof of the item being shipped I'm fine?

    Or should I completely avoid this transaction given the risks it potentially has?
  4. No, PayPal won't automatically do anything, unless it's clear to PP that it's a scam account. Sometimes for new accounts someone who is not tech savvy will open an account just for that item. This in particular seems like a scam, so just wait it out. A lot of times my email will say an account is not verified, but then when I go into PP system, the same account will have the verified, and "confirmed" address.

    If the payment goes through, you have no reason not to ship. But cover yourself just in case.
  5. And yes, for potentially scam transactions, cover yourself from immediately taking the money out of PayPal, to taking photos and videos. Also, the account may not be a scam in itself, but he/she may be using a stolen credit card.

    Many different scenarios.
  6. As long as the funds come through, I don't have a problem sending the bag. I will video and take heaps of proof photos to cover myself.

    I would just like to ask for assurance. On what circumstances he might be able to get his money back, like a week or two later, by filing a PayPal claim/dispute with his credit card?

    If I have sufficient proof then I should be safe?

    Thanks heaps for the advise!
  7. If the transaction shows as "eligible" for seller protection (once it's approved and completed), you are protected against chargebacks for unauthorized use as long as you:
    1. ship to the address shown as the ship to address on the payment
    2. ship within the requisite amount of time
    3. have tracking showing delivery
    4. have s.c. if the total payment (including shipping) is $750 or more

    Understand that there's no protection if a buyer claims SNAD even if the claim is a lie.

    But as pointed out, some buyers are honest newbies who open an account specifically to purchase their HG.

    I'm curious -- how much is the item you sold?
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  8. "Understand that there's no protection if a buyer claims SNAD even if the claim is a lie"

    SNAD : significantly not as described? (pleas correct if wrong). So if the buyer gets the bag and feels like he changed his mind and he can file a claim and lie. In this case I am not protected? I will have to refund him and accept his return? What if he returns a fake bag back to me?

    Sorry what does HG and S.C mean?

    The transaction is eligible for seller protection and ebay has given the ok to ship now.

    The transaction is worth $2500
  9. 1. Yes, SNAD is significantly not as described. You can fight it and there are cases where sellers have won but generally, it's easier and less stressful to accept the return.
    2. Sometimes buyers do have remorse and if honest, they politely request to return it. You do have the option of declining the return but when the seller is honest enough to admit remorse (as opposed to lying about SNAD), I generally accept.
    3. If it's a remorse return, you can deduct your original shipping cost and the buyer pays return shipping so your loss is just time and aggravation.
    4. SC is signature confirmation and is required for seller protection when the total payment is $750 or more. If you neglect to purchase s.c. and the buyer claims non-receipt, you'll lose a case even if tracking shows delivery.
    5. HG = Holy grail -- buyer finds their sought-after item and joins the site to buy it. It's not necessarily a red flag.
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  10. Thank you for the very informative advice.

    I have no problem sending off the bag, now that the payment has come through and it is eligible for seller protection. I will cover myself thoroughly with extensive photos and video proof, S.C, tracking and insurance.

    I would like to ask: if the scenario leads to me (the seller) accepting the buyers' SNAD claim and return/refund request, but they return a FAKE bag. They get their money back and they have an authentic bag in their possession.

    How does this work ? How can sellers who fall into this kind of victim cover themselves, how will eBay or PayPal step in ?
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  11. Sadly, it’s unlikely EBay and PayPal would help, it will be a case of he said / she said, one scenario from their point of view could be that you received the authentic bag back but said you didn’t... the other scenario is that the buyer sent a fake bag back.. alas they tend to go with the buyer.

    You could film yourself opening the returned bag at the post office with a witness, but even then unless you have filmed the bag being packed at the post offfice and sent straightaway there is no proof that you didn’t sent a fake.

    Filming and packing it at home means nothing really as it would be easy to replace the filmed authentic bag with a switched parcel and send that...unless you film yourself continually.

    If they want to return it SNAD you will have to pay for postage, It would be better to pay for the top level of insurance for the bag.. so if it a fake is returned you could start an enquiry through the carrier.
    You would need to file a police report for fraud and go down the criminal prosecution route.
  12. Most buyers are honest and wonderful. It's the problems with hear about here but there are zillions of smooth transactions happening every day.

    Try not to worry unnecessarily unless and until something happens. It's not worth the stress.
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  13. Thanks, I will proceed to ship off the bag. Will update here should there be any issues arise, hopefully there wont :smile:
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  14. Guys....

    The buyer has just messaged me on Ebay saying its a fake, they will get eBay invovled and want a full refund. Going by the flow of events this is likely a scam. The bag hasn't even shown it has arrived on the tracking. Plus he obviously was not in a hurry to recieve it by the 20th for his 'anniversary'.

    I am perfectly fine with the refund request. What can I do to make sure i indeed recieve my authentic bag back?
  15. Ugh... really should have saw these red flags..... I dont even want the money now, just want my bag back.. ;(
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