Ebay needs to make policy changes on FB.....

  1. I wonder how many Ebayers would not have great feedback if retaliation was not a fear? If you have a bad experience on eBay, do you NOT post negative feedback for fear they will harm your reputation in return? This is something I think that eBay really needs to work on. I find myself not being as honest as I could be for fear of unjustified negative feedback. I purchased something not too long ago from a seller with 100% positive feedback. It has been an ongoing nightmare and still I wait for my $800.00 refund that I'm sure will never show up. (yes, I'm an idiot and paid via MO, but, only because of the great fb the seller had). I searched this forum and asked around, only to find out this seller has had some really shady things going on. :cursing: I just wonder why if that happened to some buyers, why they did not post negative feedback. :confused1: That is after all the only way a buyer or seller has of determining the honesty of an Ebayer. I am guilty of it myself, however, I intend to start being a little more honest in my FB as well. I think that if you have an open dispute on eBay and it is escalated to a claim, that Ebayer should lose all rights to leaving you any FB at all.
  2. I have long thought that e-Bay's FB system was crap. What I've started to do is leave positive, but say in the description what really happened. That way the seller doesn't lose points, but when the feedback is read, people see what the deal is. Most recently I was sold a fake handbag, and while the seller worked hard to return my money, it still ended up costing me money. The feedback I left: "Seller sold me a fake handbag, but worked to resolve the situation." That way people could be careful about purchases they make with that seller. I've already had one e-mail from a potential buyer who asked about the situation.

    However: I know that that doesn't really solve the issue either, because as they get more and more feedback, mine scrolls to the bottom and potential sellers won't see it. All they see is the number of positive feedbacks.

    I think e-Bay has tried to resolve the issue by having the ratings, but - that's crap too. IMO. People will always look at that magic feedback number.

    It pains me no end to not leave feedback, or to consider leaving negative, because I *know* sellers I may neg will retaliate in kind, rather than be honest. When you consider the truth of a transaction (at least mine) I've always paid on time and communicated with the seller, and that is what my feedback should be about -.

  3. Yes, their feedback system is not fair, but if I am dealing with an ebayer that deserves a negative, I leave them a negative. If another person wants to research my feedback they are going to be able to see for themselves that the negative was in retaliation.
  4. If you are the buyer leave a negative. A couple of returned negs. will not hurt a buyer. The seller's they leave them for are generally the "crazies" who use all caps and insult the buyers in a return neg.

    If a buyer has a ton of negs. there is generally something wrong with them..but a couple just does not matter.

    As a seller I will not leave feedback first bacause there are just as many crazy buyers as sellers! Plus, if you think about it all a buyer does it hit the Pay Pal button after making the agreement to buy. The buyer obtains the item..takes the picture...writes the copy...answers questions...packs and ships. That is a lot of work.

    I really don't think buyers need feedback for their part. I leave it only because I know they want it.

    As a buyer I always leave feedback first.
  5. If negative feedback is warranted I leave it without worrying about getting one in return. I would NEVER leave positive feedback to someone who sold me a fake.
  6. I'm holding 2 negatives as we speak even thought they are well deserved because I do not and do not deserve to get these 2 back in retaliation. I'm just going to let the 90 days run out on them. I'm tired of my percentage going down because of these idiots. The 3 I've had to date are retalitory as it is.
  7. I totally agree! I have long thought that the feedback should be kept private until the whole transaction is complete and both parties have already left the FB. That way people can only leave feedback based on the transaction not on the other persons feedback. Unfortunatly I too have left positive feedback for someone who was less deserving.
    I do like the new thing they have going now where you give star rankings on shipping time, description etc. I think people will still leave positive feedback sometimes when it's not deserved, but will be give low star rankings.
  8. I would absolutely not leave pos. fb for somethings a serious as a fake bag. But I have once or twice for smaller things like an overly rude seller who was late shipping. I know is awful. I think I will make a New Months resolution to never give Positive Feedback when it's not deserved!!!!!!
  9. I totally agree with the not leaving positive feedback, however, I find that when somebody has a transaction that was a nightmare from start to finish that eventually gets resolved, they opt to not leave any feedback at all rather than let the buying community know what a nightmare seller they encountered. :cursing:
  10. You should have two separate IDs for buying and selling; that way if you get a fake handbag you can leave a negative without fear that it'll affect your selling ID. Like the others mentioned, you should never leave a positive for something like a fake - when I go through feedback, I usually filter to only see the neutrals and negatives, so I'll miss a positive comment that mentions "fake" in it.

    I used to be in the camp that said that sellers should give buyers feedback based on their side of the transaction (did they pay on time, etc). But then I see stories of where the buyer either accidentally or doesn't understand the purpose of feedback and gives a neutral or neg when it should be a positive....and now I wait to give my feedback after the buyer does.
  11. In the past I was afraid to give people negatives because they were 0 or low fb bidders and I thought they were just there to try to ruin my ebay rep. I got over it though and left them the negatives they deserved and never got a retaliatory fb comment from one of them.
    I do agree though, something needs to be done and I KNOW it would cause ebay people to actually have to "work." But I think maybe they should investigate all negative feedback comments left to see why they were left and take them off in certain cases.
  12. That's a really good idea..I like that one.
  13. How do you filter? In all the years I've been buying and selling I have wondered if there was a way to do this. Thanks.
  14. I just checked with live help and they advised this filtering is not an option. Perhaps it is available on sites other than ebay.com.