eBay MJ Guinevere sale gone wrong Help!

  1. I purchased this on the 8th, http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=017&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWN%3AIT&viewitem=&item=270126888091&rd=1&rd=1

    The seller stated that they sent this out to the wrong person, so I just recieved it today.

    I was expecting this to be in New condition, as pictured in the auction. The bag I recieved today is used, no tag attached or anywhere with the bag. It has pink stains inside the interior pocket, along with normal dirt marks. It was filled with debris, including glitter and pet hair. And their is peeling on the inside of the belt :crybaby:(is this peeling normal??)

    Okay, I only paid $315 for this, should I send it back? Or should I try to clean it and keep it??
    I think right now I'm upset because this is not in the same condition as the auction depicted.:confused1::confused1::confused1:
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  2. If this seller lied to you, then pursue getting your money back! If you don't, then this person will think it's OK to dupe someone again. Best of luck!
  3. Even though you got a good deal, I can understand why you would be upset. If it were me, I would send it back. I like my bags, shoes, clothes etc perfect though. Small imperfections (especially if I didn't cause them) would drive me crazy. Good luck!
  4. I just gave it a look-over again and realized that I hadn't looked at the bottom of the bag. Each corner has significant wear :sad:. I sent the seller an e-mail earlier letting her know that I wasn't happy about the condition of the bag. I'm going to let her know that I do want to send it back.

    Thank you!!!!
  5. Send It Back!
  6. The auction's pictures make the bag look like it's in immaculate condition - especially the base of the bag and the fact that it has the tags attached. What you're describing is a complete rip-off!! Maybe she bought a brand new Guinevere, photographed it for the auction but is sending you her old beat up one. You should definitely demand your money back. Let us know what she says!!
  7. Yeah, i would send it back.... if she gives you any problems, then file a claim. Good luck!
  8. I sent her an e-mail tonite letting her know that I would like to return it. We will see how she responds.

    I'm thinking she purchased this on eBay and saved the pictures from whomever she purchased it from. Then used the bag (very used), and just used the pictures she already had...... maybe..

    These are pictures of the bottom corners, you can see here that their is alot of wear. It's not in the same condition as pictured in the auction:tdown:
    6-07 047.jpg 6-07 048.jpg 6-07 049.jpg 6-07 050.jpg
  9. Unacceptable - send it back! I'm sorry this happened to you.:flowers:
  10. i would definitely send it back to her...hope everything gets resolved soon :smile:
  11. I would open a "significantly not as described" claim with Paypal, and then, when they tell you, send it back.

    If you just send it back, without their say so, I'm not sure how you're covered. Just had a look and the auction is covered by buyer protection, so I'd really cover yourself and open a dispute, then follow instructions.

    Whatever you do, make sure you send it back with online trackable post/ including signature

    I'd be livid as it looks as though you're right about the seller buying it and then using the pants out of it!

    Good luck!

  12. That's awful. :sad: I'd definitely send it back too.
  13. Definitely send it back. If you keep it, you will just be thinking about it over and over for a long time. Open a dispute, send it back and look for another bag which will make you happy and worried-free. Good Luck!
  14. DEFINITELY send it back. I was in a similar situation and lost sleep over it till it was resolved. Best of luck. Hope you get the FULL refund you deserve !
  15. Have you heard back from the seller yet? yikes, that stinks that that happened to you....