Ebay misspells good way to save

  1. Alot of items on eBay have typos in their titles and sometimes they can go for alot less so its a good way to save money . I know theres a bunch of sites to find them but i tought i would share mine its xxxxxxxxx . Its free to use of course and no registration needed . You might not find deals everytime but i know of at least 2 people who got huge deals wtih this . One of them 1000$ on some rare book and another bought a sweet modified subaru for under 5000$.
    Comments and suggestions would be helpfull :smile:
  2. oh wow. thanks for sharing! this idea never occurred to me till you mentioned it! :smile:
  3. I've heard of this before. :yes:

    I think, as an idea, it has potential, but I have to say that if a seller can't spell what they are selling, or be bothered to find out how it's spelt before listing, or, if it's a typo, check their listing before posting it, or, at the very least, check and edit it after posting; it doesn't exactly fill me with confidence...! :s

    Thanks for posting, though! :biggrin:
  4. Hi. Most of the keyrings are fake.

    Yes, it's a useful tool. I do it for some stuff I look for. But on my own. Thanks for the tool.

    PS - eBay's spell check doesn't work right for sellers...
  5. In addition to an unusually low price, would you minding telling us how you spot all these fake ones? Thanks very much. :smile:
  6. the boxes and the hangtags are the biggest giveaway

    people always think low price means fake, which isn't true. I sell lots and lots of coach bags that are all authentic of course, and quite often I start the auction at $0.99 to create interest. I have only once or twice had one sell for less than I wanted, out of hundreds of bags that's not bad

    the other thing about coach keychains is they never make character keychains (Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, etc, they don't have or want the licensing rights). The only animals they have ever made are a leather beagle and a leather jack russell terrier.

    I just know a lot about Coach from seeing a reading a lot over the years. A great thread about authenticity is


    or here (this is where you can post ebay auctions for authenticity)
  7. You can find great deals with the mispells, but its rare. I have something similar I use for that, its hit and miss.
  8. did coach ever make butterfly keychains? :sweatdrop: i bought one off ebay last week...it had silver cutout butterflies, solid yellow butterflies, and one rhinestone butterfly.
  9. Key chains at the outlets go for about $16 if on sale (give or take a buck or 2). Add in tax, seller fees, etc. A seller cannot sell a keyring for $5.99 unless they pad the s&h, sell counterfeits or maybe (not sure how low they go) get it at TJ Maxx or similar place.
  10. yes, they have made some butterflies - post it in the authenticate this coach forum with photos and we can tell you for sure

    good point from no shoe polish. the cheapest keychains around are $15 plus, so don't expect to find an auththentic one for less that $25 or so except for the rare case that someone has a real one sitting around at their house or got it as a gift and some money is better than nothing.
  11. The misspellings work better with more obscure items. For example, Tarina Tarentino (spelled wrong) vs. Tarino Tarantino. (She's a jewelry designer.)
  12. I use fatfingers.co.uk to find these typos! :biggrin:
    It's a great thing to remember to search for!
  13. Thanks for comments . I also forgot to say that some sellers intentionaly misspell their titles to make you think that it is cheaper should watch out for that .