eBay Mishap! Stressed out of my mind!

  1. So here it goes...

    I purchased a pair of sex pigalles from eBay. Seller says they were worn once and in great condition. Selling because they were too narrow.

    So I purchase, pay for overnight shipping and I get the item. I notice that there are two small tears in the patent leather. Right where the base of your pinkie toe hits the side of the shoe. Hmm...no big deal I thought, I'll bring it to the cobbler.

    The cobbler was like no... this is unfixable. The tear, because of its location at the angle of the shoe will keep on growing with wear until it hits the sole. I have attached picture for reference.

    I triple zoom on the seller's photos and there you can see the hairline crack there. She did not disclose it in the description. I obviously cannot wear the shoe because the tear will grow.

    I have contacted her for a return. Am I inline with this? I said I would cover all the delivery fees. I just want this shoe away from me. It's stressing me out! What a waste of a beautiful shoe!

    The first picture is of the crack when I received it. The second one shows the seller's picture. You can see two hairline cracks on the left side.

    Please advise me! Thanks!
    photo.JPG Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.55.05 PM.png
  2. You did the right thing contacting her first and asking for a refund. In this situation, the seller should also cover return shipping. The tear is a big deal, especially since it's unfixable, and the seller was wrong not to disclose it. Even if she claims she didn't know there was a tear, she should've inspected the shoe more carefully before selling it. If she refuses a refund, you can open a case on eBay for Item Not as Described.
  3. She replied and stated that she looked at the pictures and did not notice the tear. I sent her the 2nd zoomed in picture from her listing. Hopefully that will convince her that it was already there.

    I have done all I can to try to fix it. I went to two different cobblers and they said the same thing. They said they could stitch it but that would ruin the look of the shoe AND not stop the tear from growing since the shoe bends that that point. Imagine a giant tear from the top to the bottom of the shoe! I would cry.

    The tears are clearly already there in the 2nd picture. Fingers crossed that she sees them too.
  4. You definitely did right in returning them and she really should pay all shipping costs too. It stinks that you have to go through so much stress over this. :sad:
  5. I just really can't understand sellers failing to notice or disclose faults on shoes or other goods that they are selling. When I sell something on eBay I always check it over thoroughly and list any tiny defect, even if it's something very minor. You are well within your rights to get a refund and open a case with ebay if the seller is not compliant.
  6. Thank you for your comments. As I was saying I was willing to overlook it if it was repairable by a cobbler. But the fact that it would just keep on tearing is too much for me.

    Still waiting on her reply.
  7. Good luck! If she doesn't reply in a few days, or refuses to refund the total cost of the item and return shipping, you should open up an ebay/paypal case.
  8. Since it is a weekend & many sellers don't always check their e-mails I would give her
    until Monday to respond.

    If you don't hear back from her on Monday, I would file a SNAD first thing Tuesday

    It always amazes me how careless sellers can be in their descriptions whether it is
    intentionally (hoping someone won't see the defect) or unintentionally...

    There is no reason for descriptions not to be clear & forthcoming.

    And yes, you should not have to pay for return shipping.... In your case since it is
    the seller's error, she should pay
  9. Please update on the seller response.
  10. Seller responded that she still does not notice crack in her picture. Should I circle the cracks in red and send her the picture again?
  11. Yes, why not? Also, perhaps without doing more damage, you can have someone hold the shoe in such a way that the crack is more visible.
  12. It is not easy to get a crack on patent leather. I had all kinds of shoes in patent and cracks usually appear after months on wearing. It is pretty unbelievable the shoes were worn once to have a crack on them. Just IMHO. You are right in returning them.
  13. Ok I will resend the 2nd image to her with a red circle on the hairline cracks. Hopefully she sees it then.

    I'm relieved that she is replying at least...

    She said her feet were too wide for the shoe. Maybe she cracked it by forcing them in?
  14. I have attached the photo I will send her.

    This photo was from her listing. I zoomed in a little and circled the two cracks in red. One is a bigger one in the upper part of the circle and the other one is less noticeable nearer the bottom part of the circle.

    Please tell me if you can see them.
  15. I can see them. I think your seller can see them too, though. But send these pictures and see what she says.