EBay message picture resolution

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  1. A few times I've asked some sellers to send extra pictures of important authentication details or condition specifics. In most cases they graciously oblige, but the pictures I end up with are absolutely useless since it seems that the eBay messaging system makes the resolution really poor. If I zoom it's a pixelated mess. This is on both the pc and mobile. Am I missing something? Is there a setting somewhere that I can change? For instance, today I asked a seller for a better picture of a serial hologram, and she sent one, but it's unreadable at the resolution it was condensed to for the message. I know this isn't the sellers fault because it happens with every picture message.
  2. You have to open it in your ebay messages, not in the email. Then click on the image. It isn't huge but it is usually readable in my experience.
  3. I have sadly, and they are still miserably small as far as details are concerned.
  4. Indeed they are terrible. There is no workaround. Seller should post the pics on their listing next time.
    Or send you a link to a gallery
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