Ebay merchandise

  1. This is probably a stupid question, but for those auctions that are selling new (and real) merchandise - how is the seller obtaining the purses? I can see how the used ones are out there and that makes sense. But how are people getting the brand new purses for less money? I imagine some get it at the outlet in NY or perhaps during Last Call. But how do people get the brand new designs for under market in order to sell it on Ebay? Thanks! Lisa
  2. I think sometimes people buy too many bags and cannot return them so they sell them for less than they paid and accept a loss. Additionally, I assume some people work for Chanel and/or NM, Sakes etc. and can buy the bags at a discount. I am guessing though....
  3. I agree, some sellers work for Chanel, NM, Saks. I recently saw a Chanel purse for sale with a mega discount on the receipt. They must have been an employee.
  4. Besides the reasonable explanations above, I have heard of reports of shop lifted merchandises being sold on ebay. These are usually sold at deep discounts (after all, any money they can get for it is a profit). :shrugs:
  5. I was at Last Call at Anne Arundel mills and I was talking to the lady at the counter where the chanels were and she told me, most of there chanel stuff never hits the floor. They are a large distributer to EBAY.. They have people they contract out to sell at EBAY.. rakes in over 2 million a year...
    So some of the stuff may very well be real...not a corporation, but like independant sales people...that just do that all day. day traders and stuff...
  6. ^I'd be surprised if that's true.
    My best friend worked for NM WAY up there, Executive level and that doesn't sound like them at all to me. . . I wonder if she was embellishing or something{?}
  7. ^ maybe she actually meant that there were regular eBay people who buy large orders from them and somehow it came out as if they were affiliated with the actual store?

    Some people are resellers who either sell for others on consignment and/or resell cheap ones they've found at thrift/vintage stores, some are just purse fiends (like quite a few members here! hehe) who like to switch it up often, some are just individuals who find great deals...many ways people get great authentic bags to sell!
  8. I was told yesterday by someone that working @ the NM Corporate level brings a very good discount on Chanel. This person is suppose to have a family member @ that level.
  9. I should be working there during the holidays or on the weekends!!!
  10. This is fascinating.

    On occasion, I see a seller with a few brand new bags (all listed at once) that do appear to be authentic, and I assumed she found them at the outlet in NY, bought them fairly cheaply and was trying to flip them and make a bit of a profit.

    But I guess it comes down to the same thing. Someone buys it at a discount and wants to make some money and sell to someone who is not fortunate enough to have the same access.