Ebay Mastercard- trying to purchase on Net a Porter but it wont work!!! Help~

  1. I'm trying to buy something on Net a Porter with my eBay Mastercard & it wont work!!! I just purchased fake eyelashes from Sephora with it~ (under Mastercard) and it worked but I dont know why net a porter wont work. it says "start date" there is no start date on my eBay mastercard~ usually websites just ask the exp date.

    Anyone have any advice? so sad =(

  2. Hi JuicyME - In the UK both my cards Mastercard and Visa have a start date and an expiry date. Is it possible for you to phone NAP to place your order. I know things like that a totally frustrating - here in the UK when l ordered via Shopbop l had to fax over my Passport details - made sure that certain items were crossed through and also a copy of my credit card statement once again with those blanked out. I wish you good luck with this.