ebay market is DOWN!

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  1. i cant belive it!!!! I always price my items WAY BELOW retail! and they used to get snatched up within a day or 2 the most! Now...i have about 6 items BRAND NEW, DISCONTINUED, UNDER RETail..and they will nottttttttttttt sellllllllllll!!!! like comon!! i cannot go any lower, i dont know what to do. I need them to sell to fund some medical bills =/
  2. I think it depends on what you are trying to sell.....my sells have been steady rising every week.
  3. thats insane..i used to sell around 8 high priced items a week, and would get over retail....now i have my items priced hundreds below retails and they wont sell and i will not go lower ..i dont get it? what do you sell?
  4. Times are hard for lots of us right now.
    Sorry about the medical bills though.....
  5. Where they items that went on sale? I know there are some items I am interested in and the are priced under the original retail, but are way over their final sales prices. Even though they are no longer available I refuse to pay that much when I know they are asking so much. There are few things I just have to have.
  6. That's why i stopped selling
  7. I am finding that nothing is selling at the minute even hard to find LE LV items!
  8. All I was doing was paying relisting fees..It ended up not being worth it
  9. OMG I had to relist a LV panda cles and pochette 4x before it would sell. It seems like people are not that interested in certain LV items. I am still trying to sell another LV item below retail and has never been used but no one is interested. I think I am going to stop selling LV. I think times are tough for everyone and department stores are putting everything on sale or are offering $400 deals and gift cards. I have never seen that before.

    Balenciaga bags sold w/ BIN with no problems. :tup:
  10. i have new bbag and LV's =/ i need to fund my surgery and the consigments ROB you, they want 55% of the sale and thats INSANE!
  11. The economy is just bad right now, people are saving whatever extra they have.
  12. I sell mens high end suits and clothing....like Zanella, Canali, Brioni, Zegna, Kiton, Hugo Boss, and some of the mid lines like Brooks Brothers, Tommy Bahama, and Faconnable.
  13. I just sold a marc jacobs bag and it had 18 people watching and only one bid. I am done with ebay.
  14. My ebay sales have been going fine- six out of my seven recent auctions went for good prices and the buyers all paid within a day. I sold a freakin' LV cerises cles for $277!!
  15. Ebay used to be a great place to find deals, nowadays I can do better dealing through Craigslist, want ads or even regular department stores. Why take a risk on a Prada bag when I can deal with Neiman Marcus, save $400 and get great service too?