Ebay LV Lottery?

  1. I hate these things... most of the time, the LV bags that are included are fakes. :yucky:
  2. Definitely, those auctions are TOO good to be true.
  3. Yup, a similar topic was brought up a couple of days ago. Always a scam and IMO, a way to keep their fake bag auctions up since they didn't actually post pictures of their stuff anyway.
  4. I've rarely seen them advertising anything but fakes in the lottery and mystery auctions. Just gives them a way to commit the crime of selling fakes without having to post actual pictures. But someone who won it and only paid $10 can't really complain right? lol
  5. Agrred, scam...probably just a shill bidder for the top prize.
  6. Just a big scam!
  7. no. because with lottery, at least you have the chance of getting REAL money
  8. Well, it's gone now... I didn't get to see the auction, but something tells me I didn't miss much :p
  9. To me these "lotteries" scream "scam". I would avoid all of them.
  10. if it seems too good to be true- it probably is..... life lesson #1
  11. It seems to have been removed by now, but I saw some auctions like that and they always give away illegal Louis Vuitton items.