eBay Louis Vuitton deals thread !

  1. Hihi ! I wanted to share the deals that I can't have, these sellers will not ship out of the USA so my fellow out of the states PF-ers, sorry ! These auctions are to the best of my knowledge authentic, if anyone sees anything otherwise, feel free to point out. And of course, if you see anything snagworthy, add ! :amuse:

    CB pap

    Vernis Reade in Bronze

    Mat briefcase, so nice !
  2. This is a great thread. Thanks for starting it ayla!
  3. Thanks Ayla! Always nice to have our fellow PF members looking out for us!
  4. Awesoem Ayla!
    Wow, the seller has BAD photos of that Vernis IMO, they look warped to me. If she took better pics, she'd be selling at a higher price I bet!
    She needs to stuff the bag or something.
  5. Wow, that CB papillon is at a good price. Hmm, maybe worth the splurge to add to my LV collection? :amuse:
  6. Yes ! I wanted to comment on that too, it seriously looks crushed but the stamp looks a-okay.

    These drop off to sell places kind are kind of confusing, it seems like they know what authentic bags ought to look like, but sometimes they throw in a fake (maybe just so they can take someone's money for reselling!). :hrmm:

    And Cristina ! Splurge ! :lol: I saw a CB pink on brown pap end yesterday at just under 700$ ! It broke my heart that I couldn't take it home.
  7. this is so cool! I hope you keep doing this.

    p.s. congratulations on your new responsibility!:biggrin:
  8. Great thread Ayla!:P
  9. oh I really like the reade. I think I'll go for it, itll replace the raspberry one I had stolen (or taken from me as i like to say)

    Are yo guys sure its real? It just looks so all over the place!
    Ahhh, I love the vernis in bronze. Please let it be real! I'm bidding on it!
  10. thanks ayla, awesome!
  11. I hope you win! There is nothing that I would like more than for you to win it at an awesome price. Any update at all? :sad2:

    Ayla, you are a true sweetheart. I really really want that mat. It's just what I need for work. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!
  12. Pretty sure, LB, do you have a confirmed US paypal account though ? I'm not sure if they'd go through with a transaction otherwise, very few of those drop off places do international transactions.

    And to the other LB, love,bags, I really hope you win !! I'm really liking the mat but they just don't ship to Canada. :wacko:
  13. nice thread
  14. That is such a steal on the Vernis. If only it was larger :shame: :sad2: .............

    The seller should repost and put "Date Code" in the ad instead of "Serial Number"