eBay locked ID after 21 years - who to contact?

Vanilla Bean

Mar 9, 2013
I've had the same eBay ID for 21 years as a buyer and seller with over 600 positive feedback. When logging in a few weeks ago, I got a message about verifying my ID. Problem was, they had an email address and phone number from 10 years ago both of which are no longer valid. When I contacted customer support, I explained the situation and was told sorry but you have to set up a new ID. Argh! A couple of days ago, I decided to try eBay's online chat with customer support. I spent an hour with three different people. I told them, look at the email address used to bill me for fees and use that one. Nope, no dice. The last person disconnected the chat before it was resolved.

Is there any way to reach higher level support at eBay, hopefully, someone with half a brain?