Ebay listing question? UK seller.

  1. How do I get my listings to appear on the US site (me being a UK seller). I've tried listing international postage costs, but this doesn't appear to do it.

    And tonight I tried to revise a listing, it had 23 hrs to go, and I wanted to change the listing from 3 days to a longer period, but it wouldn't let me. Normally it would, but it looks like eBay has changed it.

    Thanks for any advice you can share.
  2. eBay will allow me to list on .com but I think that is due to the fact that I registered on .com in the beginning. Sorry I don't know any other way, hope you find out. Have you tried calling them for advice?

    I haven't tried recently to lengthen a listing but if there were bids on your item you couldn't change the length.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help.
  3. No they didn't have bids, which is why I thought I would lengthen the time. In the past as long as I've had over 12 hrs left on the listing I've been able to revise.
  4. ^^^^

    Yes that is strange usually you can do it if more than 12 hours left.
    Ebay are making strange changes at the minute none of which are in the seller's interest!
  5. Visit .com and log in and use the sell item tab from.com that way it appears on .com and .co.uk (it does for me anyway) good luck
  6. Thanks, i'll give it a go!!
  7. I don't know if your e-bay software is the same as that used in the States, but I just asked the same question about having my listing appear to specific countries. E-bay responded, and I saved it. I'm pasting it here. Hope it is useful.

    "Below, are the steps I've provided for you on how to list your item world wide or to specific countries:

    1) On the new "Sell Your Item" form, on the second page "Sell: Create Your Listing".

    2) Click on the link that says "Show/Hide Options", placed at the Right hand side of the "Sell Your Item" page.

    3) Click on the second option "Shipping" link at the left hand side.

    4) Select the the third option "3 Domestic and 3 International."

    5) Save the changes. Scroll the page till you get to "Shipping" section.

    You can choose the international locations that you're willing to ship to when you list an item.

    Your choices are:



    N. and S. America




    The "Worldwide" option informs buyers that you'll ship your item anywhere in the world. In addition, it makes your item searchable on all eBay sites.

    If you select specific countries or regions, your listing will appear on the eBay U.S. site and in any of the countries or regions you've selected.

    As a seller, you have several options that give you control over your auctions and the bidders you'll accept."
  8. i think i read somewhere on here that they were putting a stop to lengthening listings
  9. I am a uk seller and i sell internationally. You cannot revise an item to add that you will send it internationally. But when you are making your original listing as long as you add which countries you will send it to it comes up on ebay.com. I often lenthen my auctions if there are no bids normally you can do it upto 12 hours before, recently though it has been 24 hours!