eBay listing problems with designer names

  1. I started to sell again on eBay and I am having some trouble!

    All I wanted to do was sell Chanel nail polish and it's telling me that I'm selling too much and by not listing that auction (but still charging me) it's supposed to protect against fraudulent listings like for fakes or something.
    I've never sold designer EVER.

    THEN I listed Gucci inspired sunglasses that I bought from Aldo. They were the horsebit detail ones, and I actually just bought the real thing a couple of weeks ago. More on that in a minute, but it told me it removed my listing and then still charged me because it said "Gucci inspired," and it's not supposed to say "[designer name] inspired" but I've seen this and I'm still seeing this on everlasting listings!

    So there was an issue with those Gucci sunglasses (the actual ones, not the legitimate inspired ones sold by Aldo shoes) where the Gucci ink was not on the inside of the legs of the sunglasses and the seller got angry that I asked and accused me of calling it a fake and that it was an insult. I just received feedback tonight right along with the cancellation of the Aldo sunglasses (just said fast payment, positive)-- I wonder if she reported me or something because she was mad I was accusing her of selling me a fake? Although I just listed those about 3 hours ago.

    It's pretty embarrassing to have so many issues, especially to have an auction be removed. It didn't say it was reported, it just said it was a violation.

  2. You're not allowed to list [specific designer] inspired. You can say "designer inspired"...counterfeiters used to abuse the word "inspired" in the title to list fakes. It sucks that it gives all of us an inconvenience.
  3. Yeah, keyword searches are done by the eBay police on a regular basis. Anything with "inspired" in the title sends out red flags. If it ain't real, you can't use the designer name.

    It is amazing how many get away with these listing violations, though.
  4. It's weird because it was only inspired and not like it was Gucci replica. It was legitimate, but I could see if people abused that just to have their things be coming up in the search.

    My Chanel nail polish just posted itself-- it was posted but it wasn't live for some reason. It sent me a notification after I had to edit the listing to add information.

    I got them both up now at least. This time I put designer inspired, haha.

    And yeah, that's mostly what shocked me on my little 'ol sunglasses with everything else that people are getting away with-- not just fakes but even the titles of the listings I was referring to. I think another pair of Gucci inspired sunglasses used the term "compare to Gucci" to get around it. I'm not bothering with that though.
  5. I have to say, that website you posted has a lot of misinformation. For instance, she states that puremoda.com sells authentic bags, which isn't true. The author states also that authentic Fendi bags never have plastic on the handles, which is also misinformation. There are other problems with her guide as well. I'm not trying to be contrary, but I think the Fendi subforum here is a much better resource than this guide.
  6. Its not against the law to sell truly JUST designer inspired bags as long as the designers trademarks are not on the bags and you do not use the designers name to sell it.
  7. The chanel nail polish problem, is one I have regularly, I buy a lot of chanel np, and decide i dont like it, so try and sell it and come with the same error...but if you change the amount of time you want the item listed for to longer (7 days) the error tends to go away, and by making it an auction and not a BIN
  8. Uhhh.. You cannot put "designer inspired" and the name of gucci on it. Why? Misleading to everyone who searches for a specific item. Including persons who wants to buy authentic stuffs. Chanel Nail PolisH? How many times did you try to put it on Ebay? I guess they putted you on a ban or something.. Wait for a month or so... Maybe they'll remove it.