Ebay listing practices

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  1. Anyone have a seller increase the price after you made an inquiry about an item? This just happened to me and it is extremely frustrating. Spent hours and hours researching the bag, the seller, and then decide I want the item however there was a error in the listing so I wanted to confirm before buying and immediately after responding this morning confirming that it was an error and me saying I was going to buy they bag, they increased the price by 100 dollars as I was processing the order. And then defend it by saying "Chanel prices just increased".......yea over a week ago yet you increase this item only after I ask a question and tell you I am going to buy it. And it is only 100 dollars and I REALLY want the bag but I can't just condone these practices. Really makes me sad :sad:

    Anyone else encounter these issues? Do you think I should just give in and buy the bag anyways because 100 dollars doesn't change the fact that the price is still reasonable? The Ebay seller is "jeelna". Whereas it appears they sell authentic items, for me hard to support or trust a seller that does things like this so proceed with caution.
  2. What a shady seller! She can drop that price down if she wants your business!
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  3. Yeah, I would say I will purchase for the original price. She should honor it. If not, she’s just insane. It’s honestly an insignificant amount to her, but the principle of the matter to you (which I completely agree with). I sell stuff on eBay (much cheaper Items than Chanel) and would never do this
  4. yea I told her that now she is ignoring my messages. It is an insignificant amount to me too that is why I still want to buy it, it just seems unprofessional, shady, and just ugly. But I really want the bag that is why I posted here, looking for support not giving in lol
  5. Ugh sorry. That’s not cool and shady. I hate when people try to take advantage!
  6. If you really want the item, and I mean that particular one, I think it would be reasonable to just proceed with your purchase and then, if the item is as described and authentic, leave negative feedback - that might just prevent the seller from pulling that stunt in the future.

    But if you feel like you won't get that same satisfaction and joy out of your purchase as you would have had the transaction run smoothly, then I wouldn't bother.
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  8. If the seller has good feedback, and you really want the item. I’d wait a little while. Most of the time the seller will offer you the lower price. If not , get it with no regrets.
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  9. It is funny, I actually considered doing this exact thing but at that point, seems like I am stooping to her level. She listed an item at a price, I wanted to buy at that price, just confirmed an error in the listing and it should have been as easy as answering my question and I buy. I didn't try to make an offer, negotiate, I was prepared to buy but to increase the price in the midst of writing back and forth just ugly. I would be happy either way I think but I hate condoning these practices so you are right, if I want to buy, neutral or negative feedback would be an avenue. I think not responding to my "I was in the process of buying, if you list as original price, I will buy it and pay right now" is what is making me equally annoyed to raising the price in the first place. Thanks for your input, mulling the issue all morning.
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  10. I think you should wait for her to reply or lower the price (although I doubt she would do the latter) for 24 hours since you last messaged her, then think it over once again and if you still want the item, buy it.
  11. It's annoying...but conversely I don't think it would be nice to purchase at the higher price, then leave negative feedback about it. Mostly because I consider when you grudgingly buy something, you are still admitting that it is at fair-enough value to you.

    I would Watch and wait to see if Seller reduces price.

    Also are you signed up for eBay Bucks? They are now doing 2-3 promos per month where on certain days you will receive 5-10% back in eBay "money" that you will receive in quarterly certificates to spend on a future eBay purchase. You have to be signed up for the program to receive the promos, though. That would be another way to try to recoup costs of the Seller's price increase.

    I have heard of much worse Sellers who CANCEL a purchase after transaction was already made, then re-list at a higher price. Some Amazon marketplace sellers have also done this to me, claim they are "out of stock" then 1 day later I see it's available to buy again, but at a higher price. :annoyed: In the latter case, I complained to Amazon and they just shrugged their shoulders.
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    You are completely right, thanks for your feedback. I definitely admit all along the price is reasonable if as described, I guess why I was inquiring before buying in the first place. And you know, I have always said "I need to sign up for ebay bucks" lol. I have lost out so much for not doing that and do not shop on there as much as I used to but maybe this should be the time.

    And I did think of reporting to ebay but for sure they will not care. And at the end of the day, bigger things to worry about :P Thanks again for your reply and perspective.
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  13. That's super aggravating! I had a situation where a seller listed an item for BIN with best offer. Original price was $5200 and I offered $5000. They rejected the offer then raised the price to $6199!! Such a douchebag move. I counteroffered for the original $5200, and they countered at $6000. :sad:. I just wrote them off. That was months ago and their item is still unsold, listed at $6199.