Ebay Listing Period

  1. Is it better to list an auction for 10 days or 7 days and why? Any words of wisdom?
  2. I think it's a personal decision. If it's something that you think will sell rather quickly and there's a good market for it, you can go 5, 7 and 10 day. Some think that with the 10 day, you'll get even more interest and the price will go higher. I have found that interest actually dwindles after about a week. The 5 day is okay. Definitely for a "hot market" item (IMO). I list all of my out of store items in the 10 day listing - with an immediate payment required because I've gotten burned too many times for non-payers. I figure with the 10 day listing, I will have 3 more days for .40 more and probably more eye-traffic especially if it overlaps over 2 weekends.
    But if I was doing listings with bids, I probably would go with the 5 or 7 day myself, personally. But that's just me. I know that I get NUTS if there's something that I really want, and it ends in like 9 days 22 hours and it's already felt like a week, it's frustrating and something else usually comes along before the ending of the other and I skip it....:p
    Sorry - confusing??? :confused1:
  3. I think 10 days is too long..as the last poster said..if it has been around too long bidders lose interest.

    I've been using 5 a lot lately. Seems to be working..but it depends on your category.

    I'd start watching what the most successful sellers in your category are doing and do the same.
  4. I'm using 10 days, don't ask the reason but I feel more comfy to use 10 days ;)
  5. I agree with the others - if I come across a 10 day auction, it seems like too far away for me, so I tell myself to check it out later when the time is closer, but I rarely do. Usually something else (a 5 or 7 day auction) comes up by then and my attention is focused on the auctions that are ending, not the ones that have a week left.

    I personally choose 5 day auctions and it works the best for me. It's a long enough amount of time to catch people ithroughout the week, but short enough that people won't become disinterested in it before it's up.
  6. I'm a 7-day gal. I usually list on a Sunday night so the auction can run for an entire weekend before it ends. I find I get my highest prices on Sunday nights.
  7. I find the same as the above poster across the board. I've not sold any handbags, but Sunday endings works well with shoes, accessories, media, and tech.

    There's a handy calendar here to time your auction ends: http://www.auctionbytes.com/cab/pages/calendar
  8. I always do a 7 day auction.
  9. i really like this calendar - thanks!
  10. As a seller, I always do 7 day auctions too.

    As a buyer, I feel like I forget about the 10 day ones, and the 5 day ones make me wonder why the seller's in such a hurry.