Ebay listing for hundreds over retail...

  1. Thought I would post something for a laugh since there are so many bad/depressing threads on this forum... at least it made me laugh.

    I was checking out listings for Botkier bags and I came across this one for more than $300 over the retail price for last season's color! What nerve to ask so much! I am also still seeing this color on several retail websites (usually at a discount since it is last season) so it hasn't sold out yet.


    Has anyone seen stuff like this before? It's the first time I've noticed something THIS overpriced.
  2. I don't do overpriced. as a matter of fact. I just added that seller to my sticky sheet of don't buy from list.

  3. Oh that bag? The first link you provide-it's very old fashion, around the last of 2004 and I can find the pre-loved in 2nd hand shops around $375-400 only! Why she sell it pretty high? Oh anyway, it's her right :biggrin:
  4. I see listings like these all the time. It's called GREED, they're hoping someone less informed with deep pockets will snatch it up.
  5. Check all of this seller's listings. They are all overpriced. Items you can get retail to this date.

    I've submitted questions to this seller as well and they don't respond.

    I asked for more photo's. They cannot provide.

    I think they use catalog photos, and if by chance sell............
    then go buy.

    Yes, stay away!
  6. The bottom line is that you must research before bidding...sellers try to get away with anything...
  7. Everything this seller sells is overpriced.
  8. there was another thread about this seller the other day. i'm not sure who would ever buy anything from her as the items (as evidenced by her canned photos from other web sites) readily available for far less. I'm suprised someone from bob ellis hasn't gotten on her case for listing their entire stock of shoes and bags!
  9. By the way...I just purchased my first Botkier from NM website...they still have some on sale including metallic pewter which is great for spring. With the free shipping I paid a little over $500.00...free ship code Spring7. They have 3 or 4 Botkier styles on sale.
  10. "as on celebrity"

  11. That's normally happen on many auction including let-trade also has some bag super over retail price especially LV mirior lone.
    It depends on how much you have details of the item before you buy.
  12. damn! That seller i snuts! I think a lot of selelrs do this, and people just fall for it!
  13. gee, was it signed, kissed and licked by lindsay lohan?! $999 is ridiculous, but i guess they don't care as long as they catch that ONE person to buy one of their bags, and they're all set. they make back all their money that they spent on the other bags as well.
  14. i sorta agree w/ you. generally, i think let-trade's prices are fair... and while their miroir items are priced above retail, i see other re-sellers asking a lot more. since most miroir pieces are practically sold out, you won't find any of them on eBay for under retail (not at this time anyway). karen kooper's miroir speedy is listed at $3985 starting bid! that's too high for me, but if someone really wants it, i guess they'll spend that kind of money.

    but anyway, i checked out those auctions. totally ridiculous... i don't think anyone's crazy enough to buy those. i assume people who generally buy on eBay often do their research beforehand? i could be wrong, though.