Ebay listing fees????

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  1. Once u list an item and it does not sell are there any listing fees and if so how much .??
  2. Yes, as soon as you list an item, you are charged a listing fee. The amount depends on which eBay site (.com, .co.uk, etc) you list on and your starting bid. I assume since you are in the UK, then you are referring to eBay.co.uk? If so, here's how to calculate the fees: eBay.co.uk Fees

    Also, if you include pictures, they charge you fees for that too.
  3. There are listing fees and it depends on the initial asking price, if you have more than one picture. You add a bunch of other things for a price too.... reserve price, BIN, subtitle, etc.

    You automatically are charged this. If your item sells, then you are charged a final value fee, which is something like 3.25%. If you use paypal, they can also charge you 3.25% if you have a premier account (this includes your shipping fee).

    The fees add up. I always calculate if it's going to be worth it to sell an item.
  4. you always pay your fees for listing. the difference when the item finally sells is that you have to pay a final value fee on top of that.
    This will help you calculate your fees. its not perfect, but its pretty good!
    its from another pf'er, i can't remember who, to give props!

  5. You pay listing fees whether your item sells or not If it doesnt sell then you have to pay those fees over again every time you relist. If it sells they will refund your list fee once only. Then when your item sells you pay them a final value fee of 3.25% Remember that you will also pay Paypal fees to receive the money.