Ebay listing and pricing help needed!

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  1. Fellow bag lovers, I’m gearing up to sell some bags in my collection on Ebay in order to pay for my bag habit! With all these sales going on…. Well, you know how that goes :rolleyes:

    I was wondering about pricing, for bags 1-2 years old, can I expect 80% below retail? Or less? I’ve sold some older bags for 1/3 – 1/4 off of retail but I’ve never sold anything almost brand new before.

    Also, is it better to do “Buy It Now”, “Best Offer”, or just let it ride and hope that I get the bid I want? I’m scared to death that I will end up regretting it :sad:
  2. I'm not a seller, but I think the amount you will probably get for your bags depends on the brand; some designers hold their value better than others. LV, Chanel are a couple that bring a lot; I've read that Prada is one that doesn't hold its value as well. Good pictures help, not just one photo of the exterior. If you know you want a certain price, have a reserve price within a standard auction or do a BIN. I have no opinion on "Best Offer". For a designer that does well on eBay and in very good condition, I would think you could get at least 3/4 of retail. A TA sold a new, but never-used Bottega bag for me and got over 80% of retail price. She included a pic of the original receipt, which may have helped (personal info marked out, of course).
  3. It really depends on what the brand of the purse you're selling is and what the overall condition of it is. To get a better idea of what bags such as yours are selling for click on advanced search on ebay, check the completed listings box, and search for your item :smile:
  4. girlycharlie - would love to know how your first ebay selling experience goes. i am thinking the same with a few of my collection and have the same questions! thanks for posting this!
  5. Ebay is a weird thing. Everybody is looking for a deal. If I sell a new bag that I used maybe once or twice (in essence I could sell it as new if I wasn't honest) I get 3/4 my value usually but I sold a slew of Coaches and Dooney's last year around Christmas at a pittance. I couldn't get rid of them. A new Coach Top Handle Signature satchel (B&W CC) sold for 89.95. Most of my Dooney's went for 99.00 bucks new. Sometimes I think Christmas is a bad time for selling bags because ebay is saturated and there is alot of competition. I always did better after Christmas. And even I know myself that I buy myself a big present after Christmas every year (Christmas money!!! :smile:
  6. Thanks everybody for your help :heart: I've just posted a Louis Vuitton and a Gucci. I've decided to price the Louis Vuitton pretty close to what I need in order to sleep at night ;) and the Gucci at 60% below retail to encourage more bids. I have the tags, duster, box, shopping bag, and receipt for both.

    I still feel pretty sick about listing the bags :sad: since I have not gotten enough wear out of them :crybaby:My worst fear is potential buyers who do not know the value of these designer bags. Who knows, I may take them off of Ebay tomorrow!

    I really need to stop spending so much money on bags, the return on investment is non-existent :shame: