ebay listing advice please!

  1. I posted this elsehwere and was directed here!

    Hello everyone.

    I want to start out by saying that I am in NO WAY trying to talk up my sales here. I just need some advice

    I know that I am going to sell 5 of my bags. I know that I am probably going to sell them on eBay. What I don't know is if I want to go through the hassle of selling them individually or trying to combine some bags to go together. I was thinking maybe my alma and my pochette together as a set???

    I also have lots of catalogs/books too that I want to include. Should I try and sell them in a lot or add them onto bag auctions to give my buyers a little somethign extra.

    so here are my choices:

    1. sell them individually or in a lot..put 2 together and sell the others individually??

    2. should I add the catalogs/books with the bag or should I sell them in a lot all their own???

    any help would be appreciated! Just let me know what YOU would want to see if you were buying it. Honestly I just want these bags out of my closet so new ones can come in!!! :p

    one more questions! (sorry:shame: )

    since I am not a MPRS I was thinking of telling everyone that I will pay for their authentications if they win...does that sound like a good idea? I don't want anyone thinking that my bags are fake!

    thanks again..sorry so long!
  2. Since you only have 5 bags for sale, I'd say keep them separate but offer combined shipping. The catalogs and books can be kept in small lots. I'm also selling some things and apparently eBay can now limit how many auctions you put up in a specific amount of time (like 7 in 7 days).
  3. weird..I hope they let me put them all up at one time because I don't really have time to be on there every minute :s ..I hope this works out..I just want to be done with selling them!
  4. I agree, list the bags separately but offer combined shipping. I also like the idea of offering to pay for My Poupette authentications. That may add an extra comfort level. Probably you know this already, but be sure to post clear and detailed pix of heat stamps and date codes. Good luck!
  5. I also vote for listing the bags individually. Offering to pay for authentication is a good idea, or you could have it authenticated before listing. I am also in the process of cleaning out my closet to make room for new bags and received that advise from a very helpful person here. I've done that and now I just have to get the listing posted:rolleyes: .
  6. List each bag inidividually, combine shipping, check out recently closed auctions to have an idea about average selling prices for certain bags. Offering to pay for authentication through MyPoupette is also a great idea. Good luck selling! :smile:
  7. I have sold on eBay both ways-in groups and single. I'd actually suggest grouping the pochette and bag or wallet and bag (if you have one). People tend to pay a little more. Don't worry about the MPRS....as long as the bags are authentic (which I'm sure they are) you will be fine.

    Also, be sure to stay on top of your auction account. Prompt question response tends to make people feel better and I think I sell at a higher price. Take a TON of photos and tell people (in your listing) they can request additional photos via email (thay way you save on the listing fee).