Ebay justice...

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  1. There is justice in this world.. Some aweful Ebay seller sold me a Tattersale Heritage Stripe in what she said was "Great Condition" for a two year ol bag... Well that would be true if she had dragged it through the mud everyday... Paypal took my side and the seller needs to refund me in full. OH YEA.....:yahoo:

    According to Paypal all I have to do is return the bag to the seller and Paypal will cover me.

    In the past I never went to Ebay or Paypal thinking that they would not help. But this time the I went to both because I was not going to take it and I am so happy I did... :yahoo:

    As you can see I am happy dancing all over the place..:happydance::
  2. Make sure you get tracking and insurance when you ship the bag back so the seller cannot claim that they didn't receive it! Congrats on your win!
  3. Oh yes, eBay and Paypal will help buyers! In most cases, Paypal/eBay will grant buyer's claim on Significantly Not As Described claim.
  4. If the bag and shipping is $250 or more, use signature confirmation.
  5. Agreed. Make sure to spend the extra money to get tracking, insurance, and even signature confirmation. While PayPal/eBay will usually help you in situations like these, they can go sour.
  6. Glad to hear it! I must say, I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with eBay's new buyer protection policies. It's about time!
  7. In addition to insurance, delivery confirmation& tracking take a picture of the item

    you are sending back..

  8. I did thank you for the advice... I do not want to make any mistakes on this one..
  9. I am 3 out of 4 on Ebay/Paypal as far as getting my money back.
  10. I haven't been through any of this before and I hope I never have to! :Push: