Ebay: Juicy purse seller swears authentic...HELP!

Dec 26, 2006
Hello everyone, I'm new to these forums but am a member of lux. This is my first post, and I need help 'authenticating' a Juicy Couture G & P bag. I'm having such a hard time telling if its real because it is only available at one or two online stores - Shopbop and Saks (not even avail. for sale but I googled a picture) The pictures dont show me the details I can use to determine if this bag is real. I was thinking it was fake b/c of the stitching and extra shiny hardware- but the Juicy 'Polo' features the same contrast stitching as this bag on the authentic model shown on the Nordstrom site. I went to the Juicy coutique in Dallas today but they didn't have any of these style purses. The sellers this bag is not a mirror or replica, and I'm starting to feel bad about badgering her. Can anyone help? Thanks so much, and happy holidays!


Ebay auction

For refrence -
Juicy Couture - Leather G & P Status Bag - Saks.com
A G & P bag - but I'm not certain if this the beige or burnt orange

The 'Jen'
Bloomingdales.com - Juicy Couture Jen Large Leather Satchel

The 'Polo'
Juicy Couture 'Polo Lounge' Flap Bag - - Nordstrom.comhttp://www1.bloomingdales.com/catal...&CategoryID=1908&PageID=1908*1*24*-1*-1*-1*34
Yeah I think it's real also. The pictures from the other sites appear to be differently colored because they have special lighting they use when they take pictures of their products. It can appear lighter or darker depending on the availability of natural lighting. It's a really pretty bag!