EBAY=Judge and Jury What happened to innocent till proven guilty?

  1. eBay, I hope you burn a slow agonizing fall into the abyss of nothingness ! I hope every company that is suing you gives you your justice. The Customer service and Trust and Safety departments are nothing but a farce that my 4 year old son could do a better job at !!! Anyone have any other thoughts?
  2. Oh! I do think so too.
  3. You are so right eBay deserve everything they get from these law suits. They were too greedy for fees to take down the fakes now they will pay the price!
  4. any thoughts? yea, like, eBay should THINK before they jump?
  5. Photo, If Ebay thinks before they jump, they just might decide not to walk off the edge andtake that long deep plunge into the fire and brimstone that they have created that we all refer to as their own personal hell. I will be following closely from the sidelines as they dig their trench deeper and deeper. When they finally ask for help I will simply snub my nose at them, as they do so well at everyone else. I still fail to understand how a person like myself can go from selling a pair of cowboy boots to bronze level power seller and finish it off with indeffinate suspension all in the span of 4 months...LMAO I am still baffled at all of this, and I imagine with the way that ebay loves to be vague, I will die a baffled man.:p
  6. Because eBay is a private company, they are not really obliged to comply with principles of US jurisprudence, any more than Blogger, for example, is required to abide by the First Amendment.

    They are providing a service "at will," as it were, and it is their will, and not yours. They own the servers, they pay for the bandwidth, the software, etc. and they have the option of providing that to the public either free of charge, or for whatever price they choose to set, and to cease doing that when they choose to do it.

    The board's legal eagles I am sure will correct me if I err, but I believe that the only laws that eBay would be bound to where sellers are concerned might have to do with "seller fees."

    For example, if they accepted your seller fees, and then refused to accept your item before the time you had paid for had elapsed, in order to keep the fees without providing you the service you had paid for, I think they might have to be able to demonstrate that the item violated their terms of service in some way, which I imagine they could do in pretty much any case, regardless of what the item was, since it would have been their lawyers that signed off on the terms of service, and the purpose of those terms is to serve the company's interest, not yours.