ebay japan??

  1. Is there such a thing as eBay japan?

  2. doesn't look like it, if you go to the home page of eBay uk or us it tells you at the bottom what other countries have eBay
  3. No, doesn't look like it. I have sold a few things to Japanese buyers. One of them went through some type of company here in the U.S. that assists them with purchases on Ebay. It was kind of strange, but it worked out fine.
  4. I checked the countried last year, there's eBay Jap but we can't enter the site, such they already close the site.
  5. I think eBay dropped Japan because Yahoo was already too established there.
  6. Thanks!

    A fellow tpfer is going to get me something on Yahoo Japan and she will ship it to me.:woohoo: