Ebay items with receipts? Is that important?

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  1. I’m giving up on Ebay, it's so frustrating :cursing:

    Why are receipts such an important item? I currently have a 1 year old Louis Vuitton on Ebay, I have gotten 26 emails asking about whether or not I will also send the receipt. I do have the receipt but it will NOT go to the winner as it has multiple items on that purchase. I wouldn’t think a receipt is a good basis for authenticity. There are many Ebay sellers selling fakes who will send along a copy of the receipt. But at the end what does it prove? I can produce a receipt, tags and boxes but how will the buyers be absolutely sure if she/he do not know what an authentic Louis Vuitton feels like, smells like, etc.? Buying on Ebay is daunting but it is a great place to find bargains if you know what you are buying. I’m looking for buyers who “know” Louis Vuitton!!!

    I have asked the potential buyers not to bid if this would be their first Louis Vuitton purchase or have never purchased a Louis Vuitton from an authorized Louis Vuitton retailer before. Is that rude :confused1:

    Thank you for allowing me to rant! Honestly, I’d rather just not sell it but there’s already a bid :sad:
  2. I never send receipts. I just don't want to lose control of them and have them floating around who knows where.
  3. I sent a receipt once. It was the only item on the receipt and it wasn't a big ticket item. Most of my receipts have more than one item on it, though, and most items are several hundred dollars, so I will not send it with the bag. Sometimes I will email a potential seller a copy of the receipt. Then they can see the store name, address, & phone number and verify that the store exists if they want. It gives away my purchase price but it actually hasn't deterred anyone from bidding.
  4. Ocassionally I will send receipts. I think people just need reassurance. As long as my personal info is blacked out then I'm ok with it (and I didn't sell the item for more than I paid...that would be wrong).
  5. A receipt shouldn't really matter because there are fake receipts.
  6. So true!!!
  7. I am both a seller and buyer on eBay. This is what most eBay buyers demand, and therefore if I have it I usually provide a copy of it for them, with my personal info crossed out. As a buyer also, I don't demand receipts because of the time I can tell authenicity just buy looking at the item. But if they have a receipt, I will say I am more inclined to believe them. Also, the fake receipts are pretty fake looking and therefore usually I can spot those.
  8. I provide a receipt (if available) with big ticket items. But I keep receipts for everything so in case someone asks it's not a problem. The receipt thing is a tough call -- yes, there are fake receipts, but it does give some peace of mind if you get an item with the original or even a copy of the receipt.
  9. Thanks, ladies, for allowing me to rant! I feel better now :heart:

    If a buyer “knows” the product, then receipts shouldn’t matter! A receipt is NOT a good basis for authenticity. I have heard of some evil Ebay sellers who will do the “bait and switch”, lore the buyers by promising a “copy” of the receipt with the purchase, send the fake bag and a “copy” of the original receipt. Sigh :cursing:

    It’s getting harder and harder to sell authentic bags on Ebay. I’d hate to sell my unwanted bags through consignment stores where they’ll take 40-50% of the sale price. Where can I sell my bags to knowledgeable bag freaks like us :confused1:
  10. Before this forum, I was extremely naive and thought that if they had a receipt or said the word authentic that it's the real deal. However, reading all the valuable information here, I now know that there are fake receipts and people can use the word authentic and not feel a tinge of guilt when selling their fake bags and scamming people like you and I.

    I think that the whole receipt thing is for people who don't really know much...and would feel a bit better! Hopefully everything works out for you!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  11. Ooooh ... one of my favorite topics. Here is what I usually say when asked about a "Receipt" (and for some strange reason it does seem to come up relative to Louis Vuitton items):

    "A receipt does not a 'real' bag make!!! I have seen bags on eBay which are SOOOOOOO obviously fake - yet, they seem to have a "receipt"! Word to the wise, not only can the 'scammers' create fake bags, but they can also provide you with fake receipts! One of the common ruses that the 'scammers' use is to tell you that in order to get your money back, you must provide a letter (on the Manufacturer/Designer Letterhead) indicating that the item is NOT authentic. Guess what ... NONE OF THE MANUFACTURERS/DESIGNERS will do this; the 'scammers' know it and use this as a means to keep the money (because they know that you will NEVER be able to provide such a letter!). The onus is on the SELLER to prove authenticity ... NOT the Bidder/Buyer!!! The best defense against the 'scammers' is to EDUCATE yourself. Get to know the particulars of the item that you are interested in. If possible, go to an authorized retailer (or the Manufacturer/Designer Store) to look at the item; feel the leather; get a sense for the price (if you see an auction where an item that typically retails for over $1000 is starting at $99 ... DON'T BID!). Read the Seller's feedback carefully! Search the web for information on the item -or- better, join a Forum so that you can ask the "experts" about the item before you bid! Overall - use your common sense ... if the item looks too good to be true, then it probably is!!!"

    BTW ... I usually put some of the above verbiage directly into my auctions, just to eliminate the *glut* of emails re: receipts/authenticity, etc. It's not that I mind answering emails, but I do have a full-time job ... and it's not eBay. I really do believe that, like most things, it is encumbant on the bidder to familiarize themselves with an item -or- at least do some research before hitting up the Seller with 50 questions!
  12. I limit the receipts I send. I have a Chloe listed now that I will send the receipt for since its a $1700 bag. But I pretty much stopped when a good repeat buyer of mine was SELLING my receipts to ioffer.com! So those lowly fake bag sellers had my receipt to send with their fake bags! My name was on it and thats all about me, another buyer of mine ended up with a fake bag and it had MY receipt with it!
  13. OMG! I would never have thought they'd do something like that! I usually try and sell my items with the receipts, but now I'm kind of weary!
  14. Here's the lastest, the listing ended and the winner is requesting the receipt in order to close the transaction. She noted that she had bid on it with the confidence that there's a receipt. Also, if she were ever to resell it or give it away, it is the only proof of authenticity that she would have to hand along with the bag.

    So, I'm back to square 1 :confused1:
  15. I am dumbfounded by the secondary market in paperwork, but why should I be, with all this going on! Am just amazed at what I have been reading about receipts, nasty buyers, etc etc-if a seller had a receipt and offered it up (a copy w/info blocked out) I think as a buyer I would love to have it, but I guess I had better wake up and smell the espresso! Good luck to all of us on ebay...