Ebay ?: item listed "NWT", but wasn't...

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  1. Can an item being listed as new w/tags, but had obvious signs of use be considered "significantly not as described"? I just got a toki that is in fair condition, but is definitely not new as the item description claimed. I'm going to contact the seller, but in case I have issues w/them, wanted to see if others w/more eBay experience knew if something like this (incorrect description, but not a fake) is considered "significant" -thanks for any help.
  2. Contact the seller and photograph your evidence. See what kind of arrangement you can make with them. Also use the eBay "contact seller" template, don't just e-mail them directly, and make your email matter-of-fact but not snitty and accusatory ("this item was advertised as new with tags, but upon its arrival I discovered obvious evidence of use and tags were not attached" etc.)
    Also, for more tips on what to do, ebay has a nice bulletin board right in their Community section with even better and more detailed advice than I can give you.
  3. I just had the same thing happen to me and unfortunately my resolution wasn't positive because the seller was a lying, nasty piece of work. Hopefully you will have better luck. I know how discouraging it is to get a bag that is not as described. :tdown:
  4. I've had experiences where they didn't rule in my favor also, but normally you can sell the item on ebay using an accurate description and get your money back and then some. Also you can give the seller critical feedback (as long as your rating can endure a retaliatory negative response).
  5. Thanks Coug & gabes_mommy for your help! Sorry, though, to hear about your experience, g_m. Thankfully, the seller and I were able to come to an agreement, but the situation as a whole still leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth about Ebay. And now it's weird to rate the seller; they shipped fast, the bag was in overall good condition (but not new), they responded right away to my complaint, & said they bought the bag as-is but should've looked it over more carefully before they listed it, which might be the truth...but a part of me feels bad thinking someone else may go through this & maybe spend a lot more $ than me. It makes me think Ebay is actually some big psychological experiment rather than a shopping site :confused1:. Why can't my local stores just get w/the times & sell a decent selection of Toki bags already?! I blame LeSportsac for all of it!
  6. My rule is if the tag is one of those that is easily removable without scissors then I don't trust it to be NWT. I've got all my old Furla tags lying around, I could easily attach them back to the bags and claim they were NWT. I'm sure that some close up shots of the wear would backup a SNAD.