eBay-It just doens't get better than this

  1. I sold a Juicy Couture charm on eBay. It retailed for over $50. The winner won it for $12.
    They emailed me, asking if they buy from someone else's auction, would I give them a further discount. Are they serious? Are they just slow? Or just really ballsy? LOL:lol:...
    I am going to have to pay out of pocket on my s/h, since I always undercharge to sell to the US. Yet, they want more of a discount if they buy elsewhere. I didn't think it could get this bad....***Shudder***

    Go ahead, Rant here your jolly holiday eBay buyer stories:push:Good gracious:boxing:
  2. LOL, well I don't have anything to top that one!
    So far this season the worst one was that I had one guy buy a fairly pricy item (about $800), take 5 days to bother sending payment, and THEN send me an e-check from Germany accompanied by a note begging me to ship the item before the payment clears "preferably tomorrow" because "next week is Christmas and i need it for my girlfriend please please please". :wtf:

    Well, dude, yes it is Christmas soon (and last I checked Christmas has been December 25 for quite some time) and I am sorry you couldn't pay more promptly or with an instant method because I am not shipping *anything* til the payment clears. Hope your girlfriend likes the printout of the eBay listing for the item you got her. Sheesh. Makes ME feel like a grinch, but sorry, no way. Are these people NUTS?

    BTW I wrote a nice, apologetic response directly to the buyer; I'm just venting here.
  3. WOW. lol. people are stupid !
  4. Wow!!,
    I'm not sure which one of IS the winner on this one! :shrugs:
    I'll call that one a TIE!:okay:

    Rolling On Floor Laughing My A$$ Off And Scaring The Dog!!!
  5. You know, people really are clueless. Yes, we are going to ship before we get paid:okay:.

    I don't see it working like that in a retail store, why would they expect it online?
    (insert sarcasm) Uh, ok, I'm heading over to Neimans, I may just see if they let me take that lovely 8,000 bag, but I'll pay later. I wonder if I promise to buy it, if they would discount my item, since they probably sold a ton of merchandise today. It doesn't hurt to ask, hey? What planet do this freaks live on???????????:upsidedown:
  6. I'm always really polite too. But I'm muttering under my breath as I type my gracious response.
  7. OMG you guys, he emailed me again this afternoon to beg some more. Now I really DO feel grinchy but there's no way I can take that risk!! I don't even OWN the bag, it's a consignment! I'd be so far up you know what creek if the whole thing went south.
  8. Your NO Grinch!

    Don't you dare send him that bag to him until that check clears!:tdown:
    I don't want to read about you having to buy a bag that you don't get to keep, that some nice begging guy now has, post!:tdown:

    Please, just be strong and say NO to begging Germans.

    It's, kind of like feeding the bears at Yellowstone, If you roll your window down and feed them the may take more than the food!
  9. I've been attempted to be scammed by too many Germans so I won't give an inch. In fact I won't even accept PayPal from there anymore.

    Once I had someone who hadn't even bought from me want to do an exchange with a totally different item that they had bought from a different seller, because, as they politely explained, my item was nicer. My item was, of course, waaay more expensive too.
  10. Tell him to have a Merry Xmas, he'll get the bag, when you get the money. What is wrong with people?:nogood:
  11. Tooo funny!!! Thank god I haven't had any "stupid" buyers yet but never say never!
  12. Oh my gosh, like you're a store or something. :rolleyes:
    Sounds like someone just bid on a bunch of items and didn't intend on winning more than one.
  13. OMG! Some people....uggh.
  14. My boyfriend sold a couple of video games on ebay about a year ago. The buyer asked him if he could send us games he didn't want as payment because he was short on money.It was insanity, and he couldn't understand how the trade was dumb since the games he had were worth the money he owed us."You could sell those as well" he said, omg.We saved the emails and filed NPB and then all was well. After it was done his account ended up being shut down because he did it to other people.
  15. :roflmfao: