ebay issues

  1. Has anyone else had this problem????

    I am selling off some of my Hermes scarves and accessories, I want to use the money to get a Birkin. I have great feedback and never had any eBay issues. I listed a few items no problem. Now they won't let me list anymore and worst of all, I can't edit the ones that are up and a restriction has been put on my account. I can't list any more items and they aren't telling me when they are listing the restricoin. They say that they are doing this to prevent counterfiets and sent me a copy of their counterfeit policy. I only listed 5 items all of which are real. Sorry if this has been on the forum but I am soooo upset I can't speak. When I think of all the fakes out there this just makes me so angry. \

    Any thoughts.
  2. Sorry you're having troubles with eBay.

    Perhaps post this in the eBay Forum - tonnes of Ladies there will be able to help you.

    Good luck!
  3. yeah, there's a new policy that'll freeze your account if you list several things by the same designer. Its to combat fraud, but a lot of honest sellers are getting screwed too.
  4. Birkincurious- same thing happened to me. I was furious!! I couldn't go in and revise my listings or anything!! Finally, after emailing them 2-3 times I got a response that they looked over my account and lifted the restriction. I wonder if they are randomly selecting accounts??

    Check the ebay forum- this has happened to others as well.
  5. How do the big resellers get around this? Timeless pieces, CDL, MK all have many things listed. What is with that?
    This thread is in the wrong place, BTW.

  6. Ahhhhh...so that's what triggered it....I was listing several bags by the same designer.
  7. same thing happened to me.. i just listed 2 LV bags weeks ago to help my Kelly fund. the restriction was placed after several days when I wanna edit the listing. However, I could still sell items. After several emails and the LV auction ended, I received the mail that restriction is lifted. it seems to me that the new policy mainly concerns those brands like LV.. do check the ebay forum to see if any help.

    good luck :p
  8. the same thing happened to me when I was selling some Marc Jacobs bags. I sent ebay an email and they apologized and lifted the ban. Worth a shot
  9. I believe your account has to be at least 6 months old and no previous violations to list freely.