Ebay issue - please help...bag in bad condition! :(

  1. I purchased a toledo blue epi speedy 30 from eBay. It was authenticated on here as genuine, and I'm not concerned about that. The auction described the wear as normal light wear, light scuffing, inside needs cleaning. The auction also stated that all sales are final.

    I got it today and EVERY corner is rubbed down to the leather, almost all of the piping has wear down to the leather, nearly every thread is unraveling, and there is a white spot on one side.

    I emailed the seller that I was disappointed with the bag and that I felt that the description was not accurate...otherwise, I would not have bid. I understand that used bags have some signs of wear, but this is excessive to me.

    What kind of protection do I have with Paypal? If he/she refuses to accept a return, can I still file a claim?

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions!
  2. Thats a toughie, because the seller stated it in used condition. You can try to file a claim with paypal, but in my experience paypal doesnt really care about you...so the vote can swing either way. I'd say go through paypal first and explain in as much detail as possible, if paypal decides in the seller's favor then do a chargeback on your credit card...the credit card company is more effective.
  3. Tough one. Guess it depends what "normal light wear" is. If the pipings are worn down to the leather, I would say that falls out of def of "light wear". I guess the key thing is that did the seller take the photos in such a way that he/she delibrately tried to hide the fact that the bag has been heavily used.
    I would talke to the seller first and see if he/she will refund. If not, I would probably file paypal dispute with "item not described"! And send paypal as many comparison pics as you can to support your claim.
    Good luck to you!
  4. Thanks to both of you. I reviewed the pictures again and the wear is DEFINITELY not shown. I will wait to hear back from the seller and then take it from there. In 8 years of eBay, I've never had to file a claim. :sad:
  5. ^ Thats a good idea but if they didn't accurately depict the bags condition and the seller doesn't cooperate then definitely take it up with pay-pal.
  6. Update: Buyer will accept return but I must pay a 15% restocking fee (which is over $60!).

    Should I take my chances with Paypal?
  7. Oh that's terrible....sorry for you....I had this happen once. I won a popincourt bag, and when it arrived, it was all black and reeked of smoke :yucky: even though the auction stated it was from a smoke free home. At least you were offered a semi-refund. I was stuck with mine, and now I won't buy used.....hope you get your refund !!!!!!
  8. I would talk with paypal first before you pay that ridiculous "restocking" fee!!! That's so stupid, like the bag came from a warehouse and needs to be "restocked" ---UGH!!! Ask them if it's right for them to charge that, considering it's a private person and not a business (or is it?).
  9. Also, do a save and capture all the photos from that auction BEFORE the seller or Ebay takes them down. This way you provide a comparison between her pics and yours. I can't remember how to save a complete listing, but someone here will.
    And I would never pay that restocking fee--she misrepresented the item--this is not you changing your mind or experiencing buyer's remorse--it's bad enough you won't get your shipping fees back.
  10. Some sellers will do anything to make money. It's stupid to ask for a restocking fee if it's not from a large warehouse etc. Some sellers ask for stupid fees. The other day I asked a seller if she would be willing to ship to my current location and she said yes, but I had to add 5% to the total. I got pretty pissed off and decided not to bid then.
  11. Thanks again everyone! I emailed her back and said that I was not willing to pay the 15%...we'll see what she says. I saved all of the pictures using Screengrab since they were protected by Auctiva and I couldn't copy/save them. I'll let you know what she says.
  12. I hope you figure something out. It's a shame to spend a lot of money on a bag you're dissapointed with.
  13. Been there. The seller described the LV Tango as like new, used only a hand full of times and very light patina, pictures looked great, probably stolen or taken when the bag was new. When it arrive, it stunk, dirty, scrapped, etc. I politely asked the seller to refund me. She claimed that the bag is as described, she must be blind. I tried to file with ebay. Ebay told me to go to paypal since that's the way I paid. Paypal told me to bring it to an appraiser which cost me 25.00 and fax in the letter. End result from Paypal, I was told that the description is a matter of personal opinion and that it did not affect the use of the bag. Nice, huh??? Then I went to my CC company, paypal froze my account for 3 months because they said I filed the same claim twice. So I got stuck with a stinky bag that I paid over 400.00 for and resold it back on ebay for 150.00.

    Both ebay and paypal don't care as long as they have gotten their fees. Some of these sellers will scam to make $$. Anyways, hope these people can live with themselves. I politely emailed the seller istrickland0957, to treat others as she would like to be treated.

    Good luck but I wouldn't hold your breathe.
  14. So sorry to hear this. I would tell her you are filing a claim w/ PayPal and see if that puts her rear end in gear... also, on her listing does it say she charges a restocking fee for returns?
  15. That is tricky, it could go either way...but I hate to made to pay anything if the seller knowingly misrepresented the item...

    If it is really that bad take lots of pictures, close up so you have as proof.

    Good luck!