Ebay issue, how to handle seller?

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  1. I bought an inexpensive Coach purse a week ago on ebay. I was invoiced immediately and said I would send paymt within the ebay timeframe (7 days). Well I went on paypal two days ago and the invoice was cancelled. I attempted to contact the seller and she said she no longer wanted to sell to me but still had the purse - because I didn't pay when she sent me the invoice she changed her mind and doesn't want me to have it. Can she do this??? :weird: I really wanted to get this purse as it was a great price. I told her that it's a legal commitmt when you sell thru ebay that you have to go forward with the sale - you can't just change your mind if I still am a willing buyer and want the item?

    Can someone help me, I'm not sure how to handle this. I'm afraid if I do force her into selling to me that she'll ruin the purse and send it lol. She seemed kind of hostile in her last email, that it was my fault and now she doesn't want to sell to me (she only has 10 feedback).

    I am beginning to truly hate ebay.
  2. This was just mentioned on another thread. I so hate ebay too!!!
  3. What did her TOS say?
  4. If she stated in her auction that she gives seven days to remit payment, and you pay within the seven days (or they are not up yet) she is obligated to sell to you. Contact eBay and report her. You can file under "seller failed to complete transaction" or something like that. They will intervene. eBay sucks.
  5. Nothing! Just free shipping with buy it now which I used. NO specific terms re: payment or anything like that. She didn't relist the bag either so I think she just changed her mind and now doesn't want to sell?
  6. well then report her as a NPS
  7. Do I need to pay today in order to have her sell to me? Today is the 7th day. She never stated in her auction what any terms were - but I believe ebay gives you 7 days to make paymt?

  8. :sad: So sorry this happened. Ultimately all you can do is leave her a negative to warn others. Do report her to ebay but as usual they won't do anything for you. If you paid within her stated timeframe you kept up your end. Sometimes sellers get a better offer and look for a loophole.
    Or are just plain rude. Another reason to hate ebay.
    What bag was it? Hopefully you'll find one like it from a serious seller.
  9. I'm very sorry to hear that this happened to you. I had a similar situation last week. My ordeal involved a pre-Spring 2005 Balenciaga bag that was over $1100. I had been searching for this bag forever; I was over the moon to have finally found it; I purchased it using BIN (after e-mailing the seller to ask him/her if he/she could add it to the listing); I paid right away; and two days later the seller contacted me to tell me that he/she no longer wanted to sell the bag. One week after I paid for the bag, my funds were finally available to me. You can read about my ordeal (which includes some helpful information and tips from fellow forum members) and the unsatisfactory resolution here:


    Unfortunately there is nothing that eBay will do to help you get the bag. You can report the seller, and you can leave negative feedback, but although the user agreement states that a seller and a buyer enter into a binding contract once an auction ends, eBay does absolutely NOTHING to enforce this policy. Based on experience, I can tell you that unless your seller decides that he/she wants to give in and follow the rules, there is nothing that you can do to get the bag. I'm sorry.

    Good luck.
  10. Oh gosh Angst that's terrible!!! Thankfully I didn't send the payment yet so it isn't hurting me at all. Just chalking it all up to a bad experience. I'm afraid to leave negative as I KNOW she'll leave it for me, and I don't want to blemish my feedback.

    Kitskats it was the coach scarf tote which I wanted to badly :sad:
  11. ooh! Sorry ...Thats why I would only sell on the forum!
    EBAY scares the crap out of me!
  12. I wonder if this seller will file an unpaid item dispute in order to get her final value fees back. :blink: If she instead files an "agree to mutually cancel transaction" dispute don't agree to her terms, let her lose all of her listing fees. Stupid seller. :evil:
  13. Agreed, make sure you dispute !!
  14. that is awful! i know i get my hopes up when i purchase something and would hate to have a seller decide after i won that they didn't want to sell. definetely report her and let her know how upset you are with how she handled this!
  15. Well she just resent me an invoice and said that everything is ok, that she'll sell it to me if I want it. I'm afraid if I pay maybe she won't send it? Or maybe she realized she was overreacting and wants to sell it. Ahh, what should I do? I really want this purse....