Ebay issue again!

  1. Okay i sold a purse send it out and the buyer decided that it was to small after emailing me how she been wanting this and can't wait to have it. I told her send it back and i'll refund her back through paypal, even know that i have stated in the auction all sales are final. I don't have issue of taking it back my issue is that i should have the purse back in my possesion before clicking return all her funds minus shipping. But she insisted she should get her money back before she ship my purse out..WTH.:cursing:
  2. If they don't send the bag back, I wouldn't refund them.
  3. If you go to a department store to return a bag, you don't get the money back until you give them the bag back. This is the same thing. Don't give her any money back until you have your bag back and in your possession. I'd subtract the eBay fees and paypal fees that she's costing you too. Her buyer's remorse shouldn't cost you anything.
  4. I agree with the other posters here. I would definately NOT refund the buyers money until AFTER you receive the bag.
  5. Don't refund her until you get your bag. I find it quite offensive that she wants to raise hell about that. She sounds like she's up to something....like maybe keeping the purse and the money perhaps? :shrugs:
  6. WTF!
    Don't send the money back until you have the bag in your possession and it is in the same condition as you sent it.
    YES, deduct as tlloveshim states!
  7. Totally agree. Do not refund until you have the bag in hand and you have inspected it.

    Also, insist that she provide you with a tracking number when she returns it. If she's serious, she will, but if she's lazy she may just keep the bag.
  8. bag first.
    she can open a paypal dispute if she wants, and she will lose. the reason she is trying to return in not a valid one, especially in light of the emails you have from her. (as long as you still have them) and the fact that you clearly state no returns, you are covered. you don't even HAVE to do this.
  9. I totally agree with everyone else here. I've never heard of getting a refund before returning the item.
  10. ^ Agree with everyone. What she is suggesting you do is absolutely ludicrous. It's simply not how buying and selling goes. Bag first, $$$ later!
  11. Bag first - & make sure there wasn't a switcharoo!
  12. WTF!? Is she serious?! Bag first, and you need to inspect it, and make sure it is your bag, and the condition must be the same as when you sold it to her. Then refund her!
  13. She's lucky you are willing to take it back. Definitely wait to refund her.
  14. Agreed. Thats BULL S**T! *sighs* gotta love the Ebayers or should I say...SCAMMERS!:hysteric:

    P.S. Im new 'round here. The name's Val. :wlae:
  15. yues, same as everyone. say i'm sorry but i need to have the bag back in my possesion before i issue a refund. i need to inspect the bag to make sure it is in the same condition as when i sent it to you before i csn refund you thanks. and see what she says.