eBay: Is this real Kerala?

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  1. It looks fake to me, but do correct me if I'm wrong!
  2. I saw the same style today in black at NM but can't vouch for this particular one.
  3. That seller is legit!! No worries there....
  4. I know what you mean there was a post on another blog - I think in Aug 2005 regarding this Kerala. I have the chocolate Kerala from Aloha Rag and I'm always curious about anything regarding Kerala(I know I need a life). They called it the Kerala tote and it was available at NM. I didn't come across the Kerala until Nov. 2005 - I was shocked to see it too - new to me. But it looks exactly like the eBay picture - pretty sure it's legit.
  5. It's real. The color and the equestrian charms are all correct.
  6. I think the first picture is the stock picture from the catalog but I could be wrong. If you want it, ask for more pictures.

    The style is genuine, though :smile:
  7. I agree, I have personally seen this style in the Tan color shown, chocolate brown, and light blue (jeans moyen).

    If you were seriously thinking about it, I would ask for more pix.
  8. Thanks all of you PF pals! I think I like the big Kerala tote better (see thumbnail below). But unfortunately, it disappeared from the NM website! I guess it's sold out? :cry: I knew I shouldn't have waited...
    Kerala tote.jpg
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