Ebay is the worst and I’m sick to my stomach .. Very Long!

  1. Ok ladies I need your help! I purchased an item on March 4th via eBay from RJConnect. The seller has a layaway plan so I finished my last payment in July. I finally received the bag, and it had a nick on the bottom. BTW the item is a Navy Chanel Patent. In any regards for the amount I paid that nick was unacceptable. Boy do I wish I was not so anal about the nick, because the seller refunds me $1000 made via credit card on Paypal but tells me the remaining amount $1500 has to be applied towards a credit. My response … no I would like my remaining money in cash. Well this morning I woke up to a nasty email. Please read below ….

    Email I sent to them

    July 29, 2007

    RJC Designers

    Dear Randi Halem, Richard, and Mrs. Halem:

    Re: Navy Chanel Patent purchased on eBay

    Please read my response in regards to your email.

    As you knew the bag was a limited edition and no matter what they thought, they do not have any. Yes, the bag was rare but there are still Navy Patents out there. They may be harder to find, but there is one out there I'm sure. I asked you numerous times where you made the purchase and you totally had no respect for my question, because I could have possibly helped in locating one. Therefore I allowed you to make contact with your representative who informed you there were 4 Navy Patents left. So yes I truly put my faith in you, and took your word for everything. I allowed 2 weeks to pass, because truthfully the stress of this all is not worth my sanity. I have no way of knowing that no matter what they thought there were none left. I'm not a Chanel employee. I was your Customer!

    I know you received exactly what was promised and what was sent back, was not how you received it from me. I don't know what you sent, but I know what I received. How many times do we have to go through this? You are the seller, I'm the customer. Do you get thrills out of torturing your customers. The only nice person I have dealt with is Richard. He seemed to be thorough in his response, and he put my mind at ease. This is why I did not email you every day concerning the New Navy Patent your company found through Chanel because once again I took your word again that the bag was "found." Basically the story goes like this I purchase a bag from you, pay you off, I receive the bag, inspect it and immediately find a flaw. You come back with I will check with this person and that person, how your partners knew I was a problem, etc. There are several inconsistencies. You ensured me that the bag did not have a flaw once it left, and again stated you found a bag and it would ship. Both have proved to me incorrect! All the emails I have tell the real story! I sent the bag back, you tell me you are concerned and will check it out before accepting it. Once received you confirm that Chanel has found a new bag, and they were supposed to expedite shipping. I thought we were making progress and remaining professional. I was happy that we was finally getting through this with a Brand New Chanel Navy Patent including contact info from Chanel Rep. It took for me to email you regarding this bag for you to respond with this email???

    You have received your PAYPAL payment back and can have a credit toward another item or items which equal whatever other payment you made minus shipping fees. I have now had to involve my husband who knows people in the law enforcement field, and has spoke to several people on what we need to do about this issue if you don't return my money in the form of cash, not CREDIT. He has made a few calls and what you are doing is illegal. I did not pay you in form of a credit, and will not accept partial refund and the rest towards a purchase of another item from you. I did nothing wrong but receive the bag, email you my findings, send the bag back. You have the bag, which I'm sure has been returned to Chanel. This means you have a Chanel credit, or made a purchase of a new item to sell on eBay. So at this point we can go about it one or two ways. This entire transaction has been a nightmare. I will not allow you to make my decisions for me in regard to MY Money! I have everything that I need to prove that you are legally responsible to return my money the way it was given to you which was not in form of a credit. Again I think to myself if I have been such a horrible client for you why would you want to continue to deal with me. What is the point of all of this. The bag was defected, according to you, you saw nothing on the bag, according to me there was a nick which I was not happy with. Why do I have to do business with you when you have obviously dealt with Chanel and returned the bag? You either have a credit or refund from Chanel. In a court lf law I'm sure you would be asked the same question! Is this all about you making money by inflating your prices on Ebay? I really don't understand why you are making this process Hell for me?????????

    I am not an investigator but know what you did was wrong and am sure that one day you will try and get away with something like this with the wrong person or company. I'm not an investigator either, and did nothing wrong. My feedback speaks for itself. I'm a nice person. I'm not on ebay to make money or accuse people of doing things. I know that if this situation happened to me as a seller that I would have gone about it in another way. As a powerseller on ebay you have more to lose than I do. I don't make money on ebay you do. You don't have current items. Most of your items have gone on sale, then you sell them on ebay on a markup. The only reason why I purchased from you was because you had a hot current item, which was the Navy Patent. Why should I have to accept a credit to purchase an outdated Chanel item or shoes which I may not know my size and again be disputing with you. The current Chanel items are the Chanel Clutches, and Rock n Chain which none of them interest me. I don't buy old Chanel ... Sorry! I have done my research and ready to do what I have to do for this to be over. I have all the emails you sent, cashed checks, returned money receipt from Paypal, pictures of the bag, ebay auction, etc. So I will leave the decision in your hands. You can find me exactly what I paid for which is a BRAND NEW NOT DEFECTED NAVY CHANEL PATENT OR REFUND THE REMAINING $1499. AGAIN A CREDIT IS UNACCEPTABLE THAT IS NOT WHAT I BID ON IN THE AUCTION! Did you know as a seller that ebay is a binding contract for you as well? I bid on a Navy Chanel Patent with the intentions of receiving the bag in perfect condition. Once you received and signed for the bag, you acknowledged acceptance of the item which requires a refund of what was paid. Nothing similiar or like it! I rather take a credit from Chanel. So credit from Chanel, Saks, NM, or a refund $1499!

    You can e-mail me with the item number or numbers and before shipping will verify what is being shipped. This will not be necessary, because I choose not to go this route. 1. My mental state with you has been an emotional roller coaster. I will not risk buying another defected item and going through this all over again.
  2. Email they sent to me

    Now for the first time I see what is going on. You strung me out for payment. You baited and switched bags...The bag I sent you was perfect just like I told you in my first e-mail a long time ago....Now I understand that you are a Chanel seller and never showed that side until we realized your game. You took a bag you had that was damaged and switched it with my Bag that was perfect. You knew exactly how to play this out. If you could have replaced this bag or helped me replace it why did you need to buy it from me at all....You bought this perfect bag and needed it all of a sudden over night. You waited until you needed my perfect bag and wanted to replace it for your defective bag. If you could have located it why did you need me at all. It's simple...I was the switch bag...I was your way to fix your loses for a defective bag you could not sell. No reason to use colors to dress this email...the facts speak for itself. I am the victim here and YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID. AS YOU STILL HAVE MY GOOD BAG...WEAR IT OR IF YOU'VE ALREADY SOLD IT GOOD FOR YOU...the bag you sent me was not mine and I will not be a party to your fraud...You keep the money you made from my perfect bag I sent you and I will keep the money you paid for it. That should have made us even yet I sent you a refund and offered you a credit which is way more than should have been done for this outright fraud ...It's people like you that make EBAYERS, both buyers and sellers have a good reason to watch their backs.
    I am done with your charade, threats and stories... Randi

    Anyway, I paid $1000 via cc, and the rest in cash via check. What action can I take to get my money back? This transaction was done in March 2007. I think I may need to get a lawyer, and if so how does that work. Should I contact the FBI, and other authorities? I have my USPS receipt, took pictures of the bag, etc. I’m livid and ready to cry at the same time, but I will not let this situation rest. I’m a private person, so please be easy on me as I’m so done with ebay at this point. BTW I live in Maryland, and they live in California.
  3. i don't understand. you bought a bag- took 4 months to pay it off, found it was defective, sent it back and now they only want to give you a partial refund and the rest as a credit with them? but they have the bag? how bad was the nick?

    honestly without reading the rest of your correspondence with them i think you went a little far with all your responses. short and sweet. the more you talk, the less most people care, kwim? i don't understand the bit about them telling you who had the chanel bags so you could call them yourself. but you allowed them to find it. if you could find the bag yourself why didn't you? perhaps that bit is the reason why they think you're a reseller? is there something else that might have made them think that?
  4. i think you'll be OK -- cut off communication with the seller and put in a claim for the whole amount with paypal. she won't be covered by the seller protection policy, which does not allow for lay-away payments. since she's not covered you shouldn't have to prove that she's lying about the condition of the bag.

    good luck!
  5. good call dq. and no, they don't get to keep the bag and your money. no way.
  6. wait, how much did you pay with pp? if they refunded your whole pp amount you're going to have a hard time with the check part.
  7. oh, shoot -- i just read that it wasn't all paypal. i'll noodle on this -- i'm in TAWANDA mode.
  8. ok, i think the thing to do is go to your local police and make a complaint against this seller for theft and mail fraud.

    i've had to do this with hermes, and the boys at the station WON'T understand the product or the market -- you'll have to walk them through that part.

    the bottom line is that she perpetrated a fraud on you through the US mail service by sending non-conforming goods with the intention of keeping the cash when you returned the item.
  9. This has been horrible for me! I just want this to be over. I contacted Ebay and they indicated I should contact my bank regarding the checks. They said I should tell the bank that the checks were unauthorized. Does this make sense? I have filed a claim with the FBI, and FTC. I will write a letter to the District Attorney in my state and the state of California. I'm just not sure what other avenues are out there. Yes ebay confirmed the seller was smart because she refunded the amount I paid by credit card. I just have to figure out how to get the rest of my money back. I could post several emails, but my mind has just been going through so much. I could fly out to California and take this matter to small claims court. Do you all think that this situation is worth it?
  10. Thanks for the great advice.

  11. i sold a bag to a buyer whose check turned out to be bad and stupidly i had already shipped the bag. no money, no bag. i am in california and initiated a small claims lawsuit and eventually gave up after having spent tons of time and money trying to execute judgment against him. i am surprised to hear this about rjc -- i have bought things from them before without any problem. the good thing about suing them is they are an established business so at least you shouldn't have to worry that they will suddenly disappear (like my thief). however whether it's worth it is your call. can i ask you if in retrospect whether the nick on the bottom of the bag was worth all this? i'm not at all trying to lay the blame on you but wonder if you would be willing to take the bag back (assuming that is even an option at this point). in any event, i agree with DQ that rjc can't have it both ways (keep your money and the bag). i feel i don't have all the facts to give you a really good answer (for example, it seems like you had some communications with them about availability of this bag and conversations with chanel?) i don't understand where the fraud accusation is coming from (other than an outright lie).
    as for claiming the checks were unauthorized, i don't think this will work since you did in fact write those checks to rjc (i think this claim would only work if someone stole your checks or forged your signature).

    btw, do you have any pictures of the bag (and in particular, the nick)? how about the auction number and any additional pics they sent you? i would like to help you but need more info. i am so sorry this is happening to you.
  12. Sorry, that is the most dreadful story.
  13. I find the details a bit confusing. Why do they think you are a chanel reseller?
  14. I have no idea! I do sell on ebay and of course most of what I sell is Chanel because that is what I buy. I don't buy bags to just resell. I'm not rich, just an impulsive buyer. I'm not sure what to do as I have made several contacts today with various sources, and will keep everyone updated! I can't let this control my mind unless I will go CRAZY! I should have never sent the bag back, should have never paid some of the bag by check, and should have never done layaway. I take this as a lesson learned! Just pray for my heart!


  15. This has been going on since July 7th, in between had a car accident in my brand new car. So I have been going through it! This is not a good mth for me. I will definitely evaluate my life.