...eBay is so full of it!

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  1. <rant> Agh! I'm so frickin' ticked! I saw a fake Dior clutch on eBay, and attempted to contact the highest bidder to warn her not to bid for the item, and eBay BLOCKED MY MESSAGE. :wtf: They do this "from time to time" according to the message, to "protect buyers." More like to protect their dividends!

    Freaking jerks! They also NEVER shut down auctions, even if they're the most ridiculous of FAKES, as long as someone's bidding on them!

    These guys totally don't care about their buyers, they're just out to make a buck. I really hope a design house sues them eventually.

    Sorry, I'm just frustrated. </rant>
  2. What you were trying to do is something we'd all like to do...but it is against ebay's rules!! You could be removed from ebay for doing that kind of thing.
  3. It really is admirable that you were trying to protect someone but you will get booted off eBay for that.

    The other thing is that some people actually want to buy fakes because they can't afford the real deal......
  4. I agree - sad but true
  5. good intentions ...
    ebay can be so frustrating :O
  6. Yeah that's one reason why when auctions get to a certain amount, the bidders' identities are blocked.
    Just keep reporting the fake at this link (you'll have to sign in- I made it a tinyurl link since it was super long):
  7. Don't worry, they've already been sued by Tiffany and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moen Hennessy) and others will follow.

    I have often emailed buyers in the past too about bidding on fake bags, so I know what you're trying to do. But eBay blocks my messages now. So much for trying to do a good deed.
  8. What you did was against eBay rules anyway.
  9. I've been sent messages before, so I'm confused why they caught mine. I know it's against the rules, I just think that it's bull to say it's for the "protection of the community" when it's really for protection of themselves. :/ Luckily, if you accidentally by a fake, you can always take it up with Paypal afterwards.
  10. Did they win the suit?
  11. Well, the thing is if they allowed anyone to write and "warn" buyers, certainly the scammers would get in on the action and "warn" buyers of the authentic goods that the goods are fake. So, it wouldn't really work anyway, unfortunately....
  12. I never really thought of that. :s I suppose that makes sense. You can't protect everybody, I guess.
  13. I hope they devise a way to put and end to counterfeits soon. Otherwise, scam artists will be the end of ebay.
  14. That's funny because I SPECIFICALLY asked multiple ebay personnel if I could email buyers who had been duped and they said it was OKAY. I only email those that spend 500 and up just because someone might be purposefully buying a fake. Ebay said that it was okay to speak with the community; however, if the seller had not been previously tagged as a potential fraud seller, they may be able to complain about me. I don't know why the seller would have to be "tagged" if they were selling fakes but that's what multiple ebay agents and managers have told me. It's too bag your messages got blocked.
  15. Do you have that in writing? I find that highly questionable as eBay state that it is transaction interference

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