eBay is ridiculous!

  1. My brother just called me with his pants in a bunch. Seems that he had a wallet for sale and when someone asked if he had the receipt as proof of purchase or a written authentication and he answered that he had neither but knew that it was authentic -because it was a gift from me for his 30th birthday- they cancelled his auction. When he wrote to them and explained why, they told him they require a receipt or written authentification....SINCE WHEN? What about all of the fake crap selling by the hundreds from China? I am sending him a check for the amount he was asking because he told me he was selling it because he needs money and told him not to sell it. They can ask for written proof and if you don't have it, cancel your item? Man am I steaming! :mad:
  2. wow thats nuts ..thats so wierd.....maybe thats why all those fake guccis have those fake authenticity hologram cards......they put it there so thier auction stays up.....hmmmmm.....ebay is pretty messed up now a days~
  3. That is very strange. Look at all the fake bags there!
  4. Wow, I can't believe they would do that! It is a shame that they attack the innocent and let the real fakes run rampant!
  5. ive never heard of that!
  6. what?!?! That's really strange. I've seen some real LV bags & wallets being auctioned on ebay and they don't have the receipts, especially items from MPRS.
  7. Why don't they ask these questions to all those powersellers selling fakes by the boatload?? :mad: Ebay is seriously going downhill lately!
  8. WHATTT? same things happen to fellow PFers amour20 with 2 of her balenciaga... OMG, this is crazy, and btw my balenciaga bags pics was stolen too and people putting it in their auction!!! :censored:
  9. That really sucks about your bro's auction. It was not fair of them to take it down. Did he tell them it was a gift, therefore there was no reciept?

    this is off topic but what is MPRS? is that My Poupette?
  10. A coworker of mine has tons of pics stolen when he was trying to unload bags his x gave him for money she owed him. He had such problems having things cancelled and people asking for receipts or written proof that he just sold all the bags for way below retail or eBay asking price to consignment shops to avoid the hassle. I think some of it is people selling fakes who don't want competition. Shame.

    To answer another question, my brother said it was a gift to one of the people who was asking questions and they told him they wouldn't bid if he didn't have some sort of proof either. Do these same people ask for proof for a 200.00 fake bag?
    The thing that gets me is that you see all of these blank receipts and falsified receipts and eBay just lets them go. I guess if one person is sellign a wallet, eBay doesn't make enough to care but if someone is selling thousands worth of fakes, they make enough money to look the other way. :sad:
  11. What?? Are you serious! Since when did ebay required that? Look at the fakes that are there, please! They should start to get their cr*p together!
  12. Wow, eBays making some weird demands lately. They should go attack the counterfeiters from china, not the authentic sellers!
  13. So my brother has been stark raving mad all day. He has spent the entire afternoon "targeting" anyone selling anything suspicious, IE: any LV with yellow "authenticity" cards and tags hanging from bags, I think I have created a monster in telling him what to look for that gives away OBVIOUS FAKES and the bags from China that the listing doesn't match the description. LOL I told him to apply for a job at eBay. At least after today, a few will be gone. LMAO Apparently if there is a complaint sent to eBay, they can ask for written documentation on sports memorbilia, designer merchandise, etc.
  14. WTF is up with ebay???
    As if it's not bad enough that the place is FLOODED with fakeys, then now go around taking down what little that's REAL?!!
  15. Someone must have been a punk and reported it to ebay. It's terrible that his was real and got taken down. I'm not an expert at spotting the super great quality fakes but I have seen SOOO many fakes that were so obvious that even I could tell and sellers blatantly lied that their fakes are real. Scary because some of those even have fake reciepts and fake tags!!! I've even on occassion spotted fake bags with real reciepts.