Ebay is really getting on my nerves!!!


I have 100% feedback on ebay and have been a member for several years. I have never had an unhappy customer and I have only been selling authentic bags, makeup, skincare, etc. from my own collection. I tried listing a coach bag a month ago and they stripped it off. Put me on some kind of a restriction. I am soooo mad. I tried appealing the decision and argued with ebay for weeks. Even tried to give them proof that the bag was real and everything. I am so sick and tired of seeing fake bags left and right and those auctions go to the end with bidders!!!!! It really drives me crazy. Here it is Christmas and I was looking forward to selling a few on my OWN bags (which they are authentic, I even had them authenticated!!) and can not because of this STUPID restriction. It is just so unfair.

I am sorry to rant and vent. Anyone else go through this?? How did you get through it? I need some encouragement!


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Mar 9, 2007
The reports have to come from different users.
OP have you tried calling and asking to remove the restriction?
Jan 19, 2007
The Sunshine State
Are you sure they pulled your auction over authenticity? There are various reasons they could pull it. My friend had one pulled because she used a picture from a store's website, which is a violation. She had to call the store and apologize and get them to contact ebay to let her sell again. If it was pulled for authenticity, people must have reported it. Ebay can be so shady sometimes!
Feb 17, 2007
New York & Florida
Same thing happened to me I was a member for 3 years 100% feedback and I had my authenthic Coach bag pulled. Its 100% authenthic! I tried contacting them and its like talking to a wall, all I got were fuk*** automated messages. I relisted the bag with the reciept and everything. It got pulled again and my account got suspended:cursing: The people that work for Ebay must be doing drugs.


Apr 15, 2007
It happened to me last month till now, ebay restrict bag sellers crazily! I just loathe ebay now.
Jan 19, 2007
The Sunshine State
My Purse Addiction is right. Maybe you used the words like new or something similar? I had a pair of Coach sunglasses listed and they pulled it down because of that...

You can't even list something as "Like New"? Wow, there are so many hidden ebay rules that I don't even know about! I should probably brush up on them now that I'm starting to sell a lot more.


Oct 22, 2006
Same thing happened to me on my COACH. I was very careful on my wording, used my own pics, my own measurements, did not say anything about LIKE NEW, nothing!! It has been pulled both times I listed it when it didn't have much time left. I sent an email to EBAY stating on wanted specific reasons and not a chain letter, and guess what, they sent me a letter stating they could not tell me the reasons why. WTH?

Weird thing is, I have two other coach bags with my own wording and pics, along with a pair of new coach shoes and they were not pulled.

I believe someone selling carly's are reporting it so they get the sale.

How sad that EBAY just takes it off without direct and consise reasons. I too, hate EBAY but need the money so I have no choice to keep selling.