Ebay is now approving all escalated SNAD return requests

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  1. I had a SNAD case against me recently as a seller that I thought I would win. The case was decided within a few minutes of escalation in the buyer's favor. I think it was done by computer. When I called, I was told I could appeal when I received the bag back. What I received wasn't the same bag. When I called to appeal, the ebay rep confirmed that all SNAD cases are now decided in favor of the buyer. Sellers can only appeal if the returned item doesn't match the condition in which it was sent. Ebay allowed me to keep the money from the sale. It was a very small amount. They called it a courtesy refund. They are giving the money back to the buyer too. I don't know what they would do for a more expensive item.

    I won't out the buyer's name here because I want to protect my ebay privacy.
  2. :annoyed: Sorry this happened to you.

    I'm glad you were made whole but I'm not happy when ebay does that because it costs all of us in the end. As buyers, we pay higher prices because sellers are charged higher fees to cover ebay's "courtesy refunds."

    And in doing this, ebay gives tacit approval to scamming buyers who wonder if they can get away with sending back a piece of junk instead of the item that they received.
  3. I believe that ebay figures this is cheaper in the long run for them because they don't have to spend manpower on deciding escalated cases. Their rationale is that scamming buyers won't just do it once. It will become a pattern of behavior, and after there is enough proof, they will ban them.

    I think they also feel a smaller portion of sellers will call to appeal once they have their item back. At that point, the most they can hope to get back is their fees, and possibly the return shipping. Unless the item is damaged or not the right item, the seller will be required to pay the refund. I think only a very small percentage of returns will fit in the category of damaged or wrong item.
  4. I am sorry this happened to you. I have not sold on eBay in years, probably since they stopped allowing sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers. This is when eBay became a snake pit to me because there were too many stories of buyers taking advantage or scamming a seller. The last time I thought about selling there, eBay wanted to authorize my credit card for $2,000 in the event that I had a SNAD case. I do not know if they are still doing this or if it was because I had not sold on there in a while. Obviously, for a long time now, eBay has not wanted the occasional seller who only sells from their personal collection. Because they want to compete with Amazon, forcing sellers to take returns is part of their business strategy to accomplish this. So now I guess they have automated the process in another effort to force sellers to take a return and save them time and money by eliminating the drawn-out process. Having said that, I do like shopping online with a seller who has a return policy, but even major retailers are trying to limit returns these days instead of encouraging them, lol.
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  5. Mine (as a seller) was done is 5 seconds I think (despite loads of evidence etc.)
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  6. I have been a seller on eBay for 10 years and it's just getting worse and worse all the time. It's very discouraging for honest sellers.
  7. eBay doesn’t care about sellers. I have a return case from a buyer remorse. Even my listing has tons of photos, the buyer made a faulty accusation saying it is SNAD. eBay sides with her, and I had to accept the return and provided return shipping. The buyer ended did not return the item in time, eBay closed the case in favor of me. Then the buyer turned to PayPal claimed the same SNAD. Even PP knew eBay sided with me, they still decided the buyer can return for refund. By that time, the buyer already possessed and used the item for three weeks. There is no justification with eBay and PP.
  8. I don't have time to fight with their customer service. My "appeal" will be filing a complaint with the USPS Inspector General's office and asking the US Attorney General's office to investigate Ebay for aiding and abetting scammers while violating seller's policy. They can't just take money from a seller because a buyer files a SNAD without proof it is a legitimate complaint. Morons running the company - yet their stock keeps going up. Maybe they are preparing for a takeover by Alibaba. Its all overseas sellers left there anyhow.
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