Ebay is not so bad....

  1. I read so many rants and complaints about eBay in this forum and I have to say that in my experience the good certainly outweighs the bad. I have had many pleasant and easy transactions both as a buyer and a seller. You just have to be careful and hyper sensitive and educated about the potential fraud and scams. Yes, I was burnt once...a right of passage...and it has never happened again. As a seller you have to set up your account properly and watch it carefully for potentially fraudulent bidders. Only accept paypal bids, do not accept bids from newbies without prior agreement via email. I have had lovely buyers in general and if you are selling great merchandise and not giving it away at ridiculous prices be patient and the right buyer who appreciates the value of a great bag or whatever you are selling usually comes along. Be fair, honest, polite and descriptive in your listings and dealings with buyers and things can generally work to your advantage. I really just don't understand all these problems I read about...my experience has been overall positive.
  2. I think that all of the ranting and raving you are reading about is coming about as a result of a sudden wave of fraud and negative experiences. It appears as though there is shocking burst of deadbeat bidders, counterfeit goods, and identity theft and it's hitting many people at the same time like never before. While certainly, for the most part, eBay CAN be a positive experience, more than ever before, sellers are finding it harder to sell their valuable goods while frauds and scammers are pirating fake bags left and right. In fact, while your experience may be a good one (CONGRATS!:yes: ), there are soooo many terrible experiences that leave a sour taste in our mouths b/c Paypal and Ebay dont seem to help when a problem does arise. I think you are just seeing alot of negative posts b/c it is happening now with alot more frequency then ever before. Buyers have started to figure out how to scam the sellers and the sellers have figured out how to scam the buyers and this all amounts to alot of angry people who need somewhere to vent. Good luck in all your Ebay transactions!!
  3. Please don't misunderstand...I fully support having a place to vent and especially sharing negative experiences but maybe I am just surprised that it has not happened to me too much (yet). I still contend that buyers and sellers have to be extremely cautious and, mostly, well versed on their product they are buying and/or selling. I mean, really...if you buy a "designer" bag so inexpensively and the buyer already appears a little shady...that should be enough of a red flag for anyone. Anyway...I am glad we are all here to look out for each other in a positive environment.
  4. I agree!
    As a buyer and seller, almost all my transactions are flawless!

    I think the thing is, people usually speak up when there's a problem, so this Forum is FULL of complaints and vents.

    Hopefully a lot of people will chime in here w/ success stories as well.
  5. completely agree!! 99.9% of the peopel I deal with via ebay are lovely.

    for example I got a fabulous LV Juliette, barely used for a complete bargain of just over £100, I happend to mentio nto the seller that I wanted it to take ot NY with me & she sent my Juliette & loads of NY guide books!! Even though it bumped up her postage costs she was lovely enough to do that. She had also written me a little list of 'must see' places & shops!

    what a doll!!

    I also got a bunch of free sweets in a package the other day ! yeaaaaaaah!
  6. I often find that buyers/sellers of high end merchandise truly appreciate each other and understand value and quality when they see it. I purchased a vintage Chanel jumbo bag from a seller and it was a flawless transaction at a great price...best deals for me are usually pre-owned/pre-loved items that come from one owner. I am building a vintage collection to pass down to my daughter..most buys from ebay including Gucci bamboo handle from the 60's, Hermes duffle, and the Chanel so far...
  7. Yes, actually eBay not too horibble especially if all scam artist gone from there :smile:
    Anyway, I still have plenty good experiences on eBay :heart:
    For example, my seller of LV bag from France. Although I purchased for low price only, may around $400 only but he ( yes, my seller is man ) treated me very good even we still be friend till now. He also help me when I got problem with dummy mobile.

    Hope all eBayer as good as him :smile:
  8. I am a buyer on eBay and have never had any problems until I had to go through a rigamarole of having to change all of my ID and paypal info.Apparently someone got into my paypal account...i don't know how it happened.But I had a feedback score of 42,and because of the :cursing: hacker..I had to add a new eBay ID.I am so mad because I have to start all over with a score of zero.Sellers are cautious of me,which I completely understand,but my previous experiences I had 100% positive feedback ..nothing negative.But....now I am back at square 1...and I cannot prove anything beforehand.
    Does this make any sense?
  9. Yes...unfortunately these things do happen but I would think if you would contact sellers before you bid and be completely honest with them and state your intentions to pay instantly that most legit sellers of high end merchandise would give you a chance. I have had buyers in similar situations contact me directly and is usually works out quite well. While this thread is about my positive experiences on ebay there is absolutely no doubt that their system is FAR from perfect.
  10. kalodie1, I too am guilty of venting lately. But a lot of it has to do with my increased volume -- in the past month I have tried to sell 7 high end bags and I usually never sell that many at once. So I should have expected that with more bags to sell, I might anticipate a higher amount of trouble. That's just the way it goes.

    In the end, though, all my bags are ending in completed transactions except one, which I will relist, and then I will have sold the last one, and made over $2K on bags that I just don't use anymore. That is a good thing!
  11. completly agree...

    it's because usually people threads here are about their problem with ebay, that's why it seems it's all negative.

    we rarely put threads about our good ebay transaction :p
  12. I have had a few minor problems too but try to look at the overall picture...turning my unwanted bags into nice new ones (or vintage finds)...and I believe you definitely make more than you would at a consignment shop where they instantly take half.
  13. Don't forget, too, that ebay is HUGE and this is one very small (though important to us) neck of the woods! The perils of selling high-end designer goods on ebay are well documented here and elsewhere in the media-but I also gather that people selling electronics, for example, have problems too. And p.s., don't try selling your stamp collection unless you are ready to answer ?s 24/7!
  14. Oh, there are definitely perils and I really only know about my own personal experiences on ebay but I believe that once you really learn the ropes and operate solely on the up and up that you can be successful. That being said, even the best of us get scammed and we, unfortunately, have no real control so it is all somewhat of a risk!
  15. I, as a seller, have had great luck, minus a couple of little issues.

    I, as a seller, have sold one thing and it was a big PITA. LOL

    But, I will probably try selling again, and hope it only gets better!