ebay is killing me softly

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  1. The following items on eBay are causing me physical pain! I cannot buy another bbag without selling one of the two I own. The pain, the agony!:sad:

    Ink first
    Ink box
    lilac box
    magenta box
    elephant twiggy

    There are probably more than that, but I'll stop there. Someone buy these bags and end my pain!
  2. i want the magenta box!!
  3. Love the elephant twiggy...the leather on that is just soo gorgeous :love:
  4. How about Magenta work(or was it city), starting $1400?? Is it auth??

    But I know what you mean...I have to stay away from WATCHING eBay.:biggrin:
  5. I really can't see myself selling either of my bags right now, so I would like to live vicariously through you all. Someone buy these bags! *L*
  6. The Elephant twiggy is gorgeous, I can hear it calling my name. I just
    bought the turquoise first this evening......I need to think about something else!
  7. Isn't the magenta box from one of the PF members?
  8. ^ yes... she's a member here (and on TFS)
  9. eBay and the marketplace are both killing me :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: I must ban myself from both places and keep reminding myself that they are NOT on my list... not on my list... not on my list...
  10. there has been a huge flood of bbags on eBay lately! some very tempting ones too!
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