Ebay, is it a rip off?????

  1. I just went on ebay and looked at the high price bags, I couldn't believe the mark up!!! Just because someone went to the store, I should pay double? Does anyone actually pay these inflated prices? I think LV should screen their lists so only real Lovers can get these bags and enjoy them, not so some ebayer can fleece someone else. It's almost as annoying as fakesters. I'm all for people getting what they want and paying competitive prices, but the sellers should put the bags up (with small profit) and then let the bidding begin. Double retail? Buy it now only. Bullsh:censor:.
  2. That would be nice!
  3. I understand your frustration. I aslo understand it's a free society and all that...but I, too, get annoyed by people who don't give a rat's ass about handbags themselves, but buy up the merchandise just to turn a profit. It makes it more difficult for real bag lovers to get the bags they want and it drives prices up.

    I've noticed places like Nordstrom Rack have signs posted that state by purchasing there, you are agreeing not to purchase for resale. I have no problem with anyone selling off their odd purchase here and there...but people who swoop into the shops and buy out limited editions or ransack the sales just to turn a profit...really irks me.
  4. don't most places have limits. I have read many websites that sell designer bags (I think Eluxury) that you can only buy one bag per address.
  5. If I had a bag that I knew would command double retail, I would go for it. If someone wants it bad enough to pay that, then we're both happy in the end!
  6. i agree with manolo
  7. It's a little thing called capitalism. No one is forcing people to buy these bags. I know I'm going to pay double when I start my cerise collection, but I didn't have the money when they first came out and didn't want to take a second job to get them, now that I have a good job, it's what I'll do to get what I want. To me it's the same thing as millionaires buying a BMW over a Hyundai, they don't have to buy it if they don't want to, but they don't go around complaining about it.

    BTW, did you know we already have an LVADDICT?
  8. I'm not chocked, those sellers offer a "SERVICE" , the target is not the person that lives next to a louis vuitton store. I saw they sometimes double the price but hey! I worked in St Barths for 1 year and the Vherry Blossom came out and I had no other choice than to pay double price for my retro bag. My mom even went to all ny stores to put down my name. They never call her back, so I had no other choice, and I was so happy to get my bag. It's just about what you really want. Like I said the fringe bag is hot but I m not ready to put down the ebay prices even if this bag is ultra limited.
  9. I don't care that they are selling them for twice the price they paid because no one is forcing me to buy them. What makes me mad is that they buy up all the good stuff and that makes it hard for all of us who actually love purses to get our hands on what we want. :mad: (Although sometimes that might be a good thing.) :lol:

  10. LoL you are so right!
  11. You got my point girl!! I have rare stuff I may part with soon, but I will put it up at the price I paid and then let the market decide what it is worth. I am not going to just put it up as a buy it now and expect DOUBLE just because I am on the list. It's those greedy people that are taking places on these lists just to make a profit, making the true LV lovers have to pay through the nose for already pricey bags. I know it happens but it is annoying!! :rant: Yes, I know there is an LV Addict, I am LVAddict! Aren't we all addicts??
  12. You are totally right but for example the fringe speedy is not yet in the us and will be very limited, I guess the bag are from europe as one of the seller took the pic behind the eiffel tower
  13. Yes I know her, she is nice but this time the bag is way too expensive, I mean the retail is 3800 dollars , her profit on the bag is way too high , Authentic lv and eboutique are also selling it.