Ebay is getting really stupid now

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  1. They put a selling limit on my account. I can only list a certain amount of items every 7 days. I could understand if my buying was out of control, but selling? This is insane. I have never had this happen to me before. WTH? I spoke with someone on live chat and they told me to contact the trust and safety dept. I wonder how long until they get back at me. I was hoping to sell a bunch of things before xmas.
  2. what??...really..I had no idea they could even do this??.
    this is the first I've ever heard of that happening..
  3. Wow i've never heard of that one before defintely get in touch with safety & trust, or your PS rep, and get that figured out.
  4. Never heard of that one before. One time they put a buying limit on my account because i was buying to much in a short period.
  5. I believe they're doing this in order to crack down on the fakes being sold. I also hear that you can no longer do 1 and 3 day auctions on high end bags and merchandise.
  6. I think this is a good thing ending 1 and 3 day auctions anything that will stop fakes cannot be to bad in my mind.
  7. I think they have selling limits if you don't have a credit card registered with them to make automatic payments... don't quote me though.
  8. Saiche2 and leanbean those aren't the reasons and I don't sell fakes or do short auctions. I have spoken to other people and they are doing the same thing. It was in the other thread about internation sellers. I am sure I won't be the last. According to this: Lutwak explained that after a seller lists more than a certain number of items on the list, the system would set off an automatic trigger requiring a manual review of the seller. "If you've sold these items in the past, your account may have already been reviewed," but if sellers alter what they are selling, they may be subject to another review. He said eBay is looking to make the review process a quick one. When asked what turnaround time he was striving for, he would only say a "very reasonable" one. eBay does not inform sellers whether or not their accounts have been reviewed. A combination of staff on the Seller Development and Trust and Safety teams on eBay will be conducting the reviews. Lutwak and England would not say how many staff are devoted to conducting the reviews, but England said Trust and Safety has more than 2,000 employees globally in a variety of roles.