Ebay is full of prats

  1. So I emailed this seller [FONT=Arial, Verdana]n.y.best about a Francesco Biasia handbag they're listing to ask about shipping costs to the UK. Got the most RUDE email back saying I won't take paypal off you, you've got no feedback, $20. How rude is that? For a start I have 100% feedback and 50 transactions, and I'm paypal verified, oh and I've currently got £2k worth of transactions going on. Is that any way to treat a prospective customer? Needless to say I told the rude git to stick their bag up their arse, I don't need that kind of attitude. Makes you wonder what would happen if anything went wrong.

    I'm getting so sick of eBay - everyone is rude, it's full of fake sellers, prats, ignorant gits asking you to sell stuff worth £500 for a tenth of the price. I'm sick of it all.
  2. :wtf::shocked: Skip her items, all of her items! You don't live from her bag, right?

    Totally can't imagine how rude she is and how you feel. If she can't treat ppl better or send kindly reply, why she sell her items online?? She should just keep her items sit on closet or sell to her friends.

    Mmm just wonder may she mixed-up your msg with other eBayer? :shrugs: but however an eBayer's feeback, she's no right to treat ppl like that!
  3. Excuse my ignorance, but what is a prat and a git?

    Sorry, another stupid American here ...
  4. Too bad for the seller, she just lost a good sale and possible repeat buyer. Stupid seller.
  5. Sorry I'm a bit of a one for my slang - prat or git - derogatory terms for idiot, stupid person, git - not a nice person.

    I'm just getting really cheesed off with eBay these days. I've been using it a lot recently and it's shown me a side of life that I really don't care for. It's kind of dirty, seedy. :yucky:
  6. How bizarre, I was checking out her auctions for botkier bags yesterday and had added her to my favorite sellers, but based on what you're saying, I need to remove her.
  7. I am fed up with eBay too...so many fraudsters on there. Once I have sold my current batch of things im leaving it for a bit, its getting so expensive too!
  8. I may leave EBay alone for a while, sat and watched shill bidding on a handbag last night. Reported it and his other auctions.
  9. I know a bunch of people that live in Prattville.

    Translation = town full of idiots / i guess.
  10. Gee...not such a nice way to describe Americans...I certainly would not use the stupid adjective...oh, well..just me I guess.
  11. Please don't take offense, I was referring to myself only, not anyone else ...
  12. I don't mean to harp on it but you did say "another" stupid American which does imply that you are referring to more than just yourself. I am not personally offended really I just find the implication a bit bothersome.
  13. And as if to prove my point :rolleyes: Nuff said
  14. I know what you mean. I've had my share of prats and gits from ebay too LOL! Ebay is just getting too scary...sigh
  15. hahaha
    when I read your thread title it was sooo obvious it would be someone from UK.....

    don't get too bothered! still plenty of good ebay experiences to be had!