Ebay Is Freaking Unbelievable...UGH!!!

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  1. So, I Posted a thread a few days ago about a buyer that purchased a Dooney & Bourke Wallet From Me. Then the day after she purchase from me, it says this buyer is no longer a registered member of ebay.

    First off let me say that she messaged me to lower my BUY IT NOW Price for her. I lowered it from $135 to $115 just so she could buy it. Then she tells me when I am shipping it out to wrap it like a gift, so I did. I also had free shipping, so I paid shipping to her. Now she wants to return it.

    I had a bad feeling about this buyer from the beginning and boy was I right!

    Today I receive an e-mail from ebay saying a return has started. Apparently Ebay will let someone return an item for any stupid reason.

    She stated her reason for return is because she found a lower price on a other wallet.

    I am so pissed off right now!

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  2. WTH? Did you allow returns in your auction?
  3. You have a 14 day return policy.

    "Must be provided back to me in original condition (Tags, Etc.). Buyer will pay return shipping. Refund will be given minus 15% restocking fee."

  4. Never seen this U must have selected by accident returns allowed
  5. Once you specify that you accept returns the buyer can return for any reason. Period.

    I will say that this is one reason why I don't deal with haggling 'buyers'. While I like a bargain as much as the next person some people are downright insane about getting the lowest price they can find and they don't seem to care what they have to do to get it. You can only hope that paying the return shipping and restocking fee will take a bite out of her 'profits'

  6. Once you say you take returns, these PITA buyers can return what they buy
    whenever they choose to & get their money back..

    And agree with the above...
  7. I am sorry you have a pain in the butt buyer. Once you choose to accept returns however, it kind of opens the door for situations like this. Once you get it back though, you can always relist and hopefully you can sell it for the original price you were asking.
  8. Sorry about this.

    Let us know if she returns your wallet or if she surprises you with something else. The fact that she is no longer registered gives me a bad feeling. Good luck.
  9. Wow! Some people... I am so sorry this is happening, OP!!
  10. I don't understand why so many are upset considering that the seller does have a return policy.

    If one doesn't want to take returns then they should have a no return policy.

    Am I missing something?

  11. Agreed.
  12. In order for me to keep my Top Rated Seller Status & Receive My Discount On Fees, I had To Offer A 14 Day Return Policy. Unfortunately, buyer's like her abuse the Ebay return policy. I am not a store, and should not be required to accept a refund because she found a lower price. End Rant!

    Mod Could You Please Close This Thread! Thanks!
  13. Well you can't have it both ways. Accepting returns to keep your status & have lower fees means that you accept returns. The buyer doesn't have to have a reason that you find acceptable.
  14. I understand about the discount and it does stink.

    I just had an international buyer scam me out of money on a huge parcel I sent them with many extra goodies and I even paid for their signature confirmation shipping.

    They claimed items were missing which wasn't true but I closed the case in their favor to get rid of them.

    I'm so angry because I know I sent the items and they have all the power in leaving feedback for me and I have no power in warning others about them.

  15. I don't accept returns. Therefore I don't have top seller status nor do I get a break on fees. But I also don't have to allow buyers to return for whatever reason they choose.